Martin SC-13e – In Stock

We’re excited to have the new SC-13e in stock from the folks at Martin Guitar. This asymmetrical design and neck construction delivers a modern acoustic sound, and features a built-in Fishman MX-T electronics and tuner. Includes a free setup from our crew of Martin certified luthiers, with all the new tools and know-how to adjust this innovative guitar. Come on down to the shop and check it out!

2 thoughts on “Martin SC-13e – In Stock

  1. My compliments to the Mass Street staff for helping me satisfy my curiosity about the Martin SC-13e. They called me when it came to the store so I could try it out. I’ve been intrigued with the new thinking behind this model and have put off looking at other guitars until I could check out. I told my wife I might be coming home with it. It’s a cool guitar but not quite what I want. Still I quite appreciate having a local Martin dealer and the service they provide.

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