Martin 1941 D-18

It’s always a treat when a guitar arrives in the shop that is not only is a great example of a particular model, but also includes a bit of history to appreciate along with it. This 1941 D-18, that’s listed for sale over on our website, is one of those guitars. We even have historical photos to go with it! Read on below.

Martin 1941 D-18

Merle Jackson, the rhythm guitar player for The Valley Ranch Boys, a central Missouri western style band, purchased this guitar from his brother in 1943 and played it at county fairs, churches, clubs and radio shows up through the mid 1960s. Early photos show the guitar with a replaced rectangular bridge (see below), which was on the guitar when it came to the shop. Thankfully, it was only lightly glued and required only minor touchup before installing a new, proper size and shape, ebony bridge. The fret wear and play wear indicate a long life of western style swing chord play, all the restoration on the guitar was for playability issues. It is now a very good sounding, very playable example of a pre-war D-18, ready for the next several decades of another Valley Ranch Boys band. Check out more information over on our the product listing.

Here you can see the guitar with the previous large rectangular bridge
Merle Jackson with the guitar

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