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March 2022 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Kyle RalstonCornerstone – Antique Overdrive
I’ve always been on a quest to fatten up my ’70’s Fender Champ without terrifying my pets and being served an eviction notice. I found the Cornerstone Antique (just when I thought my quest was over) to be the best fit over all my other overdrives. This thing is transparent, dynamic, and really brings out the EQ properties I’m always searching for. It really opens up at high volume and more important to me, for this application, doesn’t thin out at lower volumes. I’m sold!!

Cornerstone - Antique Overdrive

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Jim Baggett – Collings Guitars – 2004 CJ41 A SB – Used
Beautiful Collings CJ with upgraded appointments.

Collings Guitars - 2004 CJ41 A SB - Used

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Matt Pelsma – Tom Anderson Guitars – Li’l Angel Maui Kazowie Sun Surf with Binding
This guitar is the sweetest guitar I have ever played. The super stable “baby floyd” is amazingly fun while letting the eyes see more of the wonderful finish.

Tom Anderson Guitars - Li'l Angel Maui Kazowie Sun Surf with Binding

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Brian Soden – Pedal Pawn – Gypsy Vibe
The Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe is an iconic effect and one of my top three vintage favorites behind the Fuzz Face circuit and the Deluxe Memory Man. These vintage vibe units are incredibly hard to find and are very inconsistent in sound from one pedal to the next. Rumor has it that Hendrix used to go through dozens of them until he found “the keepers”. What Pedal Pawn has done is recreate “the keeper”! The low end throb in the Gypsy Vibe is unmistakable and the slow churn is just a damn blast to play through. It has the mojo, the magic…however you want to describe it. It’s there. Plus, who doesn’t like big pedals? I mean, geez…this thing rules!

Pedal Pawn - Gypsy Vibe

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Mike Horan – Eastman Acoustic Guitars – E20P-SB
Nice little guitar with a big sound and a surprising amount of bass. Chords sustain incredibly well

Eastman Acoustic Guitars - E20P-SB

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Matt HarmonFender Amps – Tone Master Super Reverb
Come play this thing, it’s amazing. No tubes, no back issues, takes pedals great, and has a great attenuator.

Fender Amps - Tone Master Super Reverb

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Trey Durkin – Yamaha Acoustic Guitars – CG102 Classical
This guitar is a great choice from Yamaha for those just getting started, or for anyone who has been wanting to add a nylon-string guitar to their collection. Yamaha makes some of the best affordable acoustics, and I have always loved their laminate classicals (this model is very similar to the guitar I learned to play on 20 years ago). If you’ve always played steel string acoustics, you should come check out one of these Yamaha classicals, you might be surprised at how enjoyable they are to play.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars - CG102 Classical

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Susan Willits – Eastman Mandolins – MDO305 Octave
If you’ve been wanting to play the mandolin, but feel like the neck is too small, you should try an Eastman MDO305. These solid wood octave mandolins have a wonderfully resonant lower register and offer sustain for days. Plus, there’s plenty of room for your fingers to spread out! We have these available in either the standard MDO305, or the MDO305 with K&K installed.

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Matt KappenmanMartin Acoustic Guitars – 1947 D-18 – Used
One of the things I look for in a flattop acoustic guitar, regardless of specs, condition, age or tone woods is whether or not the guitar is responsive. By that I mean how quickly the string responds to my pick attack. Over and over again guitars with a quick string response are the guitars I end up enjoying the most, as there’s a sort of instant gratification, quickly transferring what I’m playing with my right hand to the sound that is produced. This 1947 D-18 is absolutely one of those guitars. Dry, focused and articulate, this D-18 is player. (Mike clued me in about string response when I first started working here and wow has he been right!)

GreMartin Acoustic Guitars - 1947 D-18 - Used

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