Mythos Pedals - Hephaestus Variable Voltage Fuzz

New Mythos Pedal Release – Hephaestus Fuzz

The Hephaestus from our friends at Mythos Pedals is, as the name suggests, a Variable Voltage fuzz that delivers a very cool sub-octave fuzz tone that is easily dialed in thanks to the voltage (warning) knob. Sensitive to both the player’s touch, and the volume knob on your guitar, this new fuzz can deliver a full on wall of fuzz sort of sound, while backing off causes the pedal to react differently, delivering an interesting bit of texture to your sound as single notes fade. This new mini, pedalboard friendly, version is based on an earlier larger unit. As always an amazing new wild and crazy fuzz from the Mythos man Zach Broyles himself.

Link: Mythos Pedals – Hephaestus Variable Voltage Fuzz

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