DB Signature OM from Bourgeois

We’re really enjoying this DB Signature OM from the crew up at Bourgeois Guitars. This Orchestra Model sports one of our favorite wood combinations in Adirondack and Madagascar making for a deep, resonate, smaller-body build. Check out all the specs and more details over on the website. As always the guitar includes a free setup from our crew of luthiers and ships for free to the … Continue reading DB Signature OM from Bourgeois

Collings Guitars – Custom Order

This is the first Collings Guitars I-35 LC we’ve had in the shop with a trapeze tailpiece and we were blown away by the subtle changes this hardware switch brought. The trapeze tailpiece involves less hardware attached to the top resulting in more sustain and a beautifully rich midrange. Open chords yield overtones that pop out even through a crystal clean amp. This one sold here … Continue reading Collings Guitars – Custom Order

Surfy Blossom Point

We all love that big Fender tube amp sound, but sometimes it’s not convenient or let’s face it, expensive to have all those vintage amps around. Enter the Blossom Point from the crew at Surfy Industries. This pedal delivers classic Brownface Fender Showman style compression and “fattness” without having to lug a heavy vintage amp around and crank to excessive levels. More details over on the … Continue reading Surfy Blossom Point

Hollow ElectraJet with G90 Pickups

This Grosh Guitars Hollow ElectraJet, here in Tobacco Burst, is a new model from the Colorado based builder, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! This Mahogany offset features a new semi-hollow design, with a cat-eye f-hole for a resonant player, that feels light and well-balanced. This Hollow ElectraJet has a familar setup with loads of expressive options. Read up on all the specs, including the … Continue reading Hollow ElectraJet with G90 Pickups

July 2021 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Kyle Ralston – Fender Amps – Tone Master Twin ReverbThe Fender Tone Master Twin delivers the tone and vibe a vintage Twin gives you at half the weight!! (33 lbs vs. 65lbs) Usable features include a variable attenuator that allows you to switch from 1w to 85watts and three more settings in between with a balanced line out with level control. It has a great tube-esque … Continue reading July 2021 – Mass Street Staff Picks