F-Style Mandolins from Eastman

F-style mandolins not only have a distinctive look, but a distinctive sound, delivering the woody, throaty chop that’s heard on countless bluegrass and country records over the years. This Eastman MD515 sports solid wood construction and a lovely burst to really compliment that classic f-style sound. We have a full compliment of Eastman mandolins in stock once again, head over to the website to check … Continue reading F-Style Mandolins from Eastman

Mythos Pedals Golden Fleece

Golden Fleece from Mythos – Back in Stock

We have a fresh batch of the Golden Fleece in from Mythos Pedals just in time for your stocking stuffer needs. While we’re of course a little biased towards our Au79 build, the yellow fleece has a bit more gain and bass on tap for when you really need to push the front end of your amp. These have been flying out the door so don’t … Continue reading Golden Fleece from Mythos – Back in Stock

November 2021 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Kyle Ralston – Fender Amps – Mustang LT25Best bang for your buck practice amp for players of all types with limited space and volume limitations!! With 30 presets, it covers all styles with space for 20 more to call your own. This amp also has a built in tuner and headphone jack, 20 amp models, and 25 effects! Check out our current inventory of Guitar Amps! … Continue reading November 2021 – Mass Street Staff Picks

1995 Collings – Early Adirondack Model

This 1995 OM1 A is from the first year when Adirondack spruce was readily available on production models from Collings – and we were instantly big fans of the upgrade then, and still are today. We’re excited to have this guitar in on consignment, as the top has broken in nicely, making for a full, rich sounding orchestra model. Used Collings tend to move fast, so … Continue reading 1995 Collings – Early Adirondack Model

New MSM Merch – Favorites Return

Keeping anything in stock the past year has been a challenge to say the least. That’s why we’re excited to once again have a fresh batch of MSM Merch brewed up for your gift giving needs! ⁠⁠New colors, new styles and of course NEW HOODIES. Thanks to our friends at Pride of Gumbo and Blue Collar Press we have shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, mugs and … Continue reading New MSM Merch – Favorites Return