Special Order Pedals, Guitars Amps & More

Working closely with customers and vendors on special orders is always a process. Making sure the instrument, or pedal, or case, or amp arrives just the way the customer intended is something we take a lot of care and pride in. This custom, hand-painted, Seagull from our friends at Jam Pedals is one such order, and it turned out great! Looking to custom order the instrument or … Continue reading Special Order Pedals, Guitars Amps & More

Cornerstone Antique Classic Drive

March 2022 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Kyle Ralston – Cornerstone – Antique OverdriveI’ve always been on a quest to fatten up my ’70’s Fender Champ without terrifying my pets and being served an eviction notice. I found the Cornerstone Antique (just when I thought my quest was over) to be the best fit over all my other overdrives. This thing is transparent, dynamic, and really brings out the EQ properties I’m always … Continue reading March 2022 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Chase Bliss Audio Habit Experimental Delay

Chase Bliss Habit is out now!

Here’s a new pedal from Chase Bliss Audio that’s just arrived at the shop! Say hello to Habit, essentially a new delay and looper, with LOADS of additional features and workflows. Chase Bliss is touting the pedal as a musical sketchpad which makes it an awesome tool to have at your feet when working out song ideas or on your recording desk. More details on … Continue reading Chase Bliss Habit is out now!

Tom Anderson Guitars - Li'l Angel Maui Kazowie Sun Surf with Binding

Maui Kazowi! – Anderon Guitarworks

This Anderson Guitarworks Li’l Angel is an absolutely striking shred machine. Featuring a Quilted Maple top, with an out of this world Sun Surf Maui Kazowi finish, this Anderson is an example of the craftsmanship and quality the California builder is known for. While as a store we typically gravitate towards vintage-inspired gear, after a trip to the Anderson shop we knew this needed to be ordered … Continue reading Maui Kazowi! – Anderon Guitarworks

Tungsten Amps - Mosaic Mk II 1x12" Tweed

Tungsten Amplification – Mosaic MKII

We have a fantastic lineup of amps in stock at the moment, everything from vintage combos to vintage-inspired modern builds like this Mosaic MKII from Tungsten Amplification. Sporting premium components including Mercury Magnetics transformers, a T12Q Alnico speaker, along with a built-in negative feedback bypass switch for delivering classic clean tones, or a gnarly growl at the flick of a switch. Continue reading Tungsten Amplification – Mosaic MKII