Mass Street Music’s Custom Collings Acoustics

Note: This post is from 2011 – please check out our current 2015 selection of Collings Guitars here – many ordered with custom features, and we special order for customers all the time, just give us a call at 785-843-3535. If you’ve been a friend of Mass St. Music for a while now, you’ve no doubt noticed we’re giant fans of Collings Guitars.  They’re simply impeccable.  We’ve been dealers for years (for both their acoustics and electrics), and are continually impressed with the craftsmanship and tone that is a trademark of this great Texas based company.  Of course that doesn’t stop us from dreaming even bigger… Jim and the staff here at Mass St. came up with a few special custom order Collings acoustics with one specific thing in mind – the best resonance available.

We haven’t reinvented the wheel here, anyone can order Collings with special options, but we have made the choice to do so with some very specific options on several models in our ongoing quest for the perfect tone.  Considering the great tone of some vintage, pre-war acoustics and the options Collings currently offers, we ordered several with a Vintage Now neck, no tongue brace, Adirondack bracing, and Sitka tops. The Vintage Now neck was chosen for a little bit wider playing area and comfort in playing, as well as for making the guitar perfect for a variety of playing styles – equally fantastic for fingerstyle or strumming.  This neck also, we believe, will give you a smidge more sustain.  We also ordered these with no tongue brace, which lightens the weight of the guitar and in doing so gives the top another wee bit of resonance as well.  Add in the Sitka Spruce top and you’re firing on all cylinders.  Small choices that add up to a noticeable difference.

The result is an even more open, mature sounding instrument.  If you’re in the area, stop by and play one of our Custom Collings and judge for yourself if you can hear and feel a difference.  Currently two, the Collings OM1 VN and the Collings D1V Custom, are available. We have also had a D2H VN,  an OM2H VN Custom, and a spectacular OM1 V SB in the past. We plan to continue adding more Custom Collings with these great attributes.  While each of the guitars is different, they all share a truly spectacular sound and great feel with that unnameable mojo.  We think you’ll be pleased.  Questions about Collings or these Custom Collings?  Just give us a call at 1-800-747-9980 or shoot us an email at Check our our most up to date Collings Acoustic Guitars here.

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