Leo Posch Guitars at Mass Street Music

We’re very proud to be carrying the exceptional instruments of Kansas luthier and independent guitar builder Leo Posch! He only builds about 20 guitars in one year’s time, crafting each with a respect for and in-depth knowledge of vintage 20s, 30s and 40s instruments. He honed his wealth of knowledge repairing instruments for more than 25 years – some of which were spent as the manager of Mass Street Music‘s own Repair Shop more than a decade ago.

Posch hand selects the woods for his guitars, preferring a stiffer wood over the simply pristine every time. He works closely with the sources for his woods, who often will keep an eye out for him, knowing his preferences. He uses hide glue construction on his guitars which dries harder and is another incremental step that leads to improved resonance. But don’t take our word for it, just check out Mass Street Music Repair Shop Manager Mike Horan test driving the beautiful Leo Posch OO-RW:

For his ‘sunburnt’ finishes, Leo hand applies the color before the nitrocellulose lacquer finish, letting the grain and character of the wood shine through beautifully. His natural finish guitars receive French Polish shellac before he applies the nitrocellulose lacquer. His own specific build techniques help lighten the tops of the guitars a bit so they really sing – you’ll notice the difference the minute you pick one up.

Leo also enjoys doing custom work for folks and is not afraid to try something new, which we love. Check out Eric Mardis putting the multi-scale/fan fret Leo Posch MGA-RW through its paces:

One customer requested a custom guitar built with 13 frets to the body, and Leo realized he liked the sound quite a bit, as well as the appearance and placement of the soundhole and bridge, so he created a few more guitars with 13 frets to the body including this Leo Posch NL-Maple guitar and the OO-RW.

Most of his guitars feature stainless steel frets, Ebony fretboards and bridges as well as a bone nuts and saddles. Many feature a comfortable 1 3/4″ nutwidth and 2 5/16″ spacing and all have outstanding resonance and response. Questions about Leo Posch Guitars? Just give us a call at 800-747-9980 or email us at info@massstreetmusic.com

Mass St Music Luthiers checking out Leo Posch guitars in the store
Mass Street Music luthiers Matt Harmon (L) and Mike Runyon (R) checking out Leo’s guitars when he visited the store in January.
Jim Baggett playing Leo Posch OO-RW guitar
Jim Baggett checking out the Leo Posch OO-RW
Kansas luthier and independent guitar builder Leo Posch
Leo Posch visited Mass Street Music in January – here he’s holding the beautiful OO-RW acoustic.

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