Pickup Test Drive: Fralin Blues Special & 8k Humbucker

Pickup Test Drive Guitar at Mass Street MusicWe do a lot of pickup installations for folks and we love offering different pickup combinations for you to try out (and our luthiers always come up with killer pairings). This used Epiphone G-400 arrived and our luthier Matt H. jumped at the chance to mod it with some new pickups (Fralins) – it’s a great, inexpensive way to change up a guitar. He ended up switching out not only the pickups, but the electronics as well, and added a Bigsby to this one.

Wanting to try a single coil with a humbucker in a guitar you don’t normally see that with, Matt chose a Fralin Blues Special for the neck here (cream). It actually has a dummy coil below (black), to utilize space left by the original. He’s got the Blues Special wired to new 250k Volume and Tone pots with a Big Disc Ceramic capacitor.

For the bridge position, he chose a Fralin 8k Humbucker and wired it to 500k Volume and Tone pots with an Orange Drop capacitor, upgraded with a Switchcraft 3-way switch and jack. Sweet. Additionally, he added a Bigsby B5 with a Vibramate adapter kit (allowing installation with no drilling). Not only is it cool and opens up playing possibilities, but the Bigbsy helps offset the weight of the guitar and keeps the neck from falling down when used with a strap. Ingenious. Stop by, plug it in and try out the Fralins (sorry friends, the guitar is not for sale). Questions about these or other pickups? Want some ideas for modding possibilities on a guitar of yours? Just give us a call at 800-747-9980 or  Email us at info@massstreetmusic.com

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