September 2014 Staff Gear Picks!

Gehring Sgt. Pinback Amp Head - Eric's Pick!Half the staff is heading off to Winfield soon, but we had to share some of the latest gear that has caught our attention this month…

Josh BaldridgeFender Deluxe Dimension IV Bass
Great workhorse of a bass with a cool ’70s vibe.

Fender Deluxe Dimension IV Bass, a stripped down solid player.

Jim BaggettTaylor 514CE Fall Limited 2014
Really nice sound and sharp appearance with the Sitka Spruce top and Tasmanian Blackwood back and sides – beautiful burst finish on this too.

Jim’s pick, the Taylor 514CE Fall Ltd, has a gorgeous burst finish.

Eric MardisTom Anderson Bulldog
Sweet, singing sustain and the amber burst is perfect!

Anderson Bulldog guitar

Eric M. favored this Anderson Bulldog, loaded with Anderson hot humbuckers.

Eric PutnamGehring Sgt. Pinback Amp Head
Very cool amp that exudes classic Brit vibe – also super well made, and local.

Gehring Sgt. Pinback Amp Head

Eric P. fell for the locally made Gehring Sgt. Pinback Amp Head with a swanky figured Maple front piece.

Ted KritikosShure SE215 Earphones
I’ve had mine for a few years now, and they’re showing no signs of wearing out. They still sound as great as the day I bought them!

Ted won’t take his several-years-old Shure SE215 Earphones off. We think they’ve become a part of him.

Matt HarmonRepair LuthierXits X10 112 Amp (Used)
Rare to see a used Xits amp – this is perfect, delivers great sound at all volumes and has a newer Scumback speaker to boot. The retro tolex and blue grille is cool too.

Matt H picked this barely used Xits X10 amp – portable, killer sound and retro vibe.

Mike HoranRepair LuthierCalton F Style Mando Case – Sparkle!

This case screams Bill Monroe – well, maybe if he had been born in the ’60s. I like the new svelte design and smaller profile with the latch protectors. Very classy, yet not understated!

 Mike H’s pick, the Calton F-Style Mando case even has a tracking device you can engage. Crazy, cool.

Susan WillitsCollings MT GT Mandolin
A beautiful instrument with tone to match. Perfect to take to Winfield!

Collings MT GT A Style Mandolin

As Susan is the best mando player at Mass Street, I believe her when she says this Collings MT GT Mando is ‘it’.

Thomas HammEastman AR580CE-HB Archtop
Incredibly sleek and a smooth player.

Thomas has a soft spot for jazz boxes, and chose this Eastman AR580CE, a brand new, slim Eastman archtop.

Anne TangemanSeuf OH-19 S Style (Used)
This is simply put, a killer guitar. It has a perfect weight, Lollar pickups and feels comfortable right off the bat. Seuf does amazing work and I think the singing quality of his guitars has to do with not just the build, but the nitro finishes too. I wish it were mine.

Anne picked this Seuf OH-19 – looks like a strat, plays like a super custom, made for just you.

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