Vintage Guitars Clinic – Saturday, Sept. 13, 4PM

Special Vintage guitars at Mass Street MusicOur owner, Antiques Roadshow veteran and vintage guitar expert, Jim Baggett will be leading this special, free Vintage Guitars of the Past & Future clinic on Saturday, September 13 at 4pm. Jim will have several of his favorite vintage guitars on hand for you to play and check out, and we invite you to bring your guitars if you’d like to know more about them and/or get a verbal appraisal.

During the workshop we’ll take a look at what makes a vintage guitar great, and examine vintage history relative to today’s guitars. Is there a vintage sound? Are there any modern guitars that come close tonally and why? Will my guitar sound like a vintage in ten years? Is it the wood, the build, weird glue, special bracing, magic – or all of the above?

Bring your guitars, questions and curiosity for this unique workshop!

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