Marshall Amps at Mass Street Music

Marshall JCM900 4100 amp head

Mass Street Music has proudly added Marshall Amps to our extensive line up of guitar and bass amplification. The addition of Marshall to our selection of Fender, Dr. Z, Magnatone, Analog Outfitters and various used amps, means we now have the full gamut of amps covered for guitar and bass players – Marshall, along with Fender are the two legendary cornerstones of amps, as they set the standard over 50 years ago and they are still creating innovations for today’s players.

Marshall offers great trademark low end tightness particularly when using a lot of gain and crunch – something many ‘Marshall in a Box’ pedals have tried to emulate over the years, but without hitting the true mark. Marshall’s mid range voicing is amazing and these amps are the perfect complement to a Les Paul’s humbuckers. How did these amps earn such accolades?

When London legend Jim Marshall created the first 100 watt amp back in 1965, it was at the request of young guitarists like the Who’s Pete Townsend, Ritchie Blackmore and others who required more sound to be heard over their growing audiences (and drummers like the Who’s incendiary Keith Moon). Jim Marshall separated the amp from the speakers, added more speakers and used higher gain tubes to push the amps’ sonic limits. These remarkable changes, and others, resulted in amps that were louder and hit the break up point sooner than Fenders of the time. Other musicians like Hendrix and Cream helped cement the iconic status of these great amps. Modern players include J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., Angus Young, Mogwai, Mastodon, Joe Bonamassa, Joe Satriani, Blake Stranathan of Lana Del Rey’s band, Jeff Beck, Jane’s Addiction, Iron Maiden, Blur’s Graham Coxon, Zakk Wylde, Simon Neil, Lita Ford, Lemmy from Motorhead and many more.

Marshall MG15CFX 15 watt amp with built in effects

The 15 Watt Marshall MG15CFX is loaded with great effects

Check out these great Marshall Mini Amps too:

Our standard stock of Marshall Amps is growing every month. We currently stock:

Marshall JCM900 4100 Amp Head

Marshall MG15CFX 15 Watt Amp with Built In Effects

Marshall MG15CF 15 Watt Amp

Marshall MS-2C Micro 1 Watt Amp

Marshall MS-2R Micro 1 Watt Amp

Check out our great selection of Used Marshall gear too!

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