June 2015 MSM Staff Gear Picks

Josh BaldridgeTaylor 812ce Brazilian Acoustic Guitar
It’s not everyday a new Brazilian Rosewood guitar comes in, and this one is a beaut! Taylor went back to the drawing board with the 800 series and this guitar is a testament to their hard work and craftsmanship. 

Taylor 812ce Brazilian Rosewood guitar FrontTaylor 812ce Brazilian Rosewood guitar back

The crew from Taylor brought this one along for the Taylor Road Show, and Josh wouldn’t let them out of the store with it!

Jim BaggettCollings Acoustic Guitars – 002H MRG #24076
Great 00 style Collings with Madagascar Rosewood back and sides

 Collings Acoustic Guitars - 002H MRG

Slotted headstock, pyramid bridge, this Collings screams vintage! 

Eric MardisMartin D-28 Authentic 1937 VTS
It doesn’t get more “Authentic” than this with a new guitar. VTS top, hide glue construction, and we have four of these guitars in stock at the moment. Come by and give them a play before your favorite is gone.


Check out our Martin D-28 Authentic 1937 VTS comparison video!

Eric PutnamDon Grosh NOS Retro Classic – Vintage Maple Burst
I just got back from visiting Don in Colorado, and after seeing the shop I have even more respect for Grosh guitars. This NOS is a great example of Dons excellent work. Plays great, and it has a really comfortable neck. Also the Grosh 60s fat pickups are my favorite s-style single coils out there. Great guitar!

Keep an eye out for a blogpost complete with photos about Eric’s trip to Grosh!

Ted KritikosFender Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster – Oxblood
I love this guitar with all of my heart. Great sounding, great playing, and the coolest finish ever? Fender calls the finish “Oxblood,” but it’s got a little metallic flake to it, so maybe it’s the color of a magical ox’s blood? In any case, super cool.

Fender Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster

A looker and a player, perfect combo from Ted!

Matt Pelsma – Don Grosh – ElectraJet 2012 Used Electric Guitar
This one has so much retro vibe that you’ll feel like you are peering into a 50s/60s vision of the future of guitar playing; like something straight from the Jetsons. Every Grosh guitar I’ve played is second to none.


A killer used price on a killer guitar, Pelsma’s pick won’t be here long! 

Mike Horan –  Altamira Acoustic Guitars – M20
I really like this Altamira M-20. The modern C-shaped neck is super-comfortable and the solid Ovangkol back and sides really give it depth of tone. 


Be sure and checkout Mike’s Gypsy Jazz Workshop!

Matt HarmonBOSS Guitar Effect Pedals – RC-3 Loop Station Pedal
The RC-3 is a great looping pedal, yet I don’t really use it for much looping. I mainly keep this on my smaller pedal board and plug in my iPod or iPad and use the aux in to play along with the song I’m trying to figure out. You can even record a riff from a song and loop it so you can make sure you get it down just right. 

BOSS Guitar Effect Pedals - RC-3 Loop Station Pedal

Matt H. with a practical use for the Boss Loop Station!

Trey DurkinTaylor 150e 12 String
Great tone and playability, even on barre chords, this is fantastic example of Taylor’s build consistency at a great price. Responsive enough to work well when played fingerstyle with picks, it’s also easy to setup and work on. Comes with intuitive electronics and a great gigbag.

Taylor 150e 12 String Guitar 

Take this great 12 String home before Trey does!

Susan WillitsLeo Posch Acoustic Guitar OM-M Used
This is a great sounding guitar with a rich and balanced tone. It has a beautiful sunburst finish and is a fine example of Leo’s work. This used OM-M makes for a nice opportunity to get a deal on one of Leo’s hand made guitars!

It doesn’t get more local than this, Leo’s a great friend of the store and builds fantastic guitars!

Thomas HammGibson Flying V Worn Cherry 2007 Used
When this Gibson Flying V came in to the shop, all I did was play as much of Master of Puppets my old high school-self could remember—and that’s most of it. So I’ve really just been listening Ride the LightningMaster of Puppets, and . . . And Justice for All all week. And it was good.

Flying V, what more can we really say?!

Matt KappenmanGibson 1915 A-Style Mandolin Used
I’ll admit I have a softspot for early Gibson A-style mandolins, but I honestly can’t put this one down. Great big round low ends, with plenty of chop. This Mandolin has had a refret, a new bone nut and an adjustable bridge added, making this 100 year old instrument an addictive player!


Matt’s fallen for what will be the first of many vintage instruments at the store!

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