August 2015 MSM News

Mass Street Music August 2015 newsAugust is always a month of changes around here. The seemingly quiet summer months in Lawrence are brought to a grinding halt as the KU & Haskell Students moving in bring a certain boundless exuberance with them. The local music scene has always thrived off that energy and the first event to take advantage of it is right around the corner! We’re thrilled to once again be a sponsor of the Kansas State Fiddling & Picking Championships this coming weekend and we’re doing something special to celebrate it’s 35th anniversary. Check out the blog post for all the details about our Free Restrings this Sunday, in South Park. This festival is a wonderful chance for the Lawrence folk music community to perform, hang out and most importantly jam! We’re happy to have some of the Mass Street gang performing on Sunday, and of course to hang out in the booths with all of our favorite local luthiers. 

Speaking of favorite local luthiers did you happen to see the wonderful article on detailing the history of mandolin building in Lawrence, KS? Check out Boss Jim’s interview along with quotes from Triggs, Black Mandolins and Mandolin Cafe!

A much younger Greg Smith, Jim Triggs and Boss Jim checking out a mandolin in the old Michigan Street Music location.

Weekly Update

We’ve added one more way for you to get your Mass Street instrument fix! We quietly rolled this out a few weeks ago, but we’re seriously cooking with gas now on our Weekly Update. This is your chance to check out the latest and greatest gear to hit the website, and a preview of what will show up next! Check out the blog post for more information.

We had a great turn out for both our Moog Synth class (above), and our workshop on the Fretboard Toolbox (below). We’re getting our schedule for the next few months nailed down, but be sure to keep an eye on our Events page for upcoming classes! 

Rounding back to our original theme of change, this month we’re saying goodbye to Ted K. here at Mass Street Music. He’s moving on to a new gig and we couldn’t be more happy for him. We’re especially thankful for all his hard work at bringing Mass Street into the digital age. Thanks Ted! The silver lining is you’ll be seeing a lot more of Matt P. at the store going forward. so stop by and pick his brain with all sorts of guitar and recording related questions!

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