Tinker Taylor Powers Redesign: The Taylor 800 Series at Mass Street Music

If you’ve been in the store lately you’ve probably noticed the row of stunning Taylor 800 series guitars. We’re fortunate enough to have a relationship with Taylor that allows us to keep the 800 line of body sizes in stock, including a Brazilian Rosewood backed 812!

Taylor has always been known for innovations in guitar building, and they’ve taken that one step further with their recent redesigns spearheaded by Andy Powers. Boss Jim met up with Andy this summer at the Sarzana festival, and has been really high on the direction of Taylor guitars under his leadership.


Taking it’s asthetic redesign cues from the 800 series, the newly revoiced 600 series is bringing maple acoustic guitars back – and in a modern way! (Take a peak at our 614ce Grand Auditorium) Maple was long the tonewood of choice for traditional orchestral instruments, including for famous Italian luthiers like Stradivari and Guarneri! Taylor is taking this sustainable wood and giving it a new platform in the 600 series. Still uniquely Taylor in their balance and tone, but something new and improved at the same time. Give us a call, or stop by the store and get a acquainted with what could become your new old friend.

Update: Check out our interview with Andy from last year. 

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