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First Look: Reviews and Impressions of the Collings Traditional T Series

To say there’s been a focus on Collings at the store this past month would be an understatement. It seems like every few days another Traditional model is rolling in, ready to be inspected, photographed, demoed and recorded. We thought it might be a good idea to take a selection of our photos and demos videos, along with some first thoughts from the luthiers up in the Repair Shop and really showcase this new line up of Traditional T Series guitars from Collings.

Collings Traditional T Series D1 Torrified

Glamour shot of our D1 Traditional T-Series Torrified guitar

Every one of the first batch of Collings T-Series guitars has been pre-sold before it’s even arrived at the store. We currently have eight more on order, so make sure and give us a call to get your future Collings Traditional locked down.

My first impressions are that the Traditional Series are very “broken-in” sounding for a brand new guitar. Collings has been known for basically hot-rodding old designs in order to produce an amazing modern-sounding guitar. Now they are using their same ingenuity to get at the “traditional” sound. The highs are definitely rounder than on their standard design. Every one that I’ve played, I’ve wanted to keep playing!
Mike H. Repair Manager

Luthier Matt H nailed what we feel is one of the key features that distinguies the Traditional Series from the Standard Model Collings:

I think my favorite feature of the T series is the exclusion of the poly sealer coat before the nitro finish is applied. This means the finish will sink into the pores of the wood and age beautifully over the life of the guitar, just like the ’30’s Martin’s do.
Matt H. Luthier

Trey went on to add:

The Collings T-Series are some of the finest new guitars to come through the store since I’ve been here. I’ve been absolutely blown away by the rich, full tones, touch-sensitivity, and quit pick response – typically uncharacteristic of new guitars. Every one of these guitars would make a great life-long companion.
Trey D. Luthier

Collings D2HA Madagascar Traditional T Series - Adirondack D2H

Check out the new small herringbone on our D2HA Traditional T-Series guitar

OM2HA MR Traditional T Series

D1 Traditional T Series – Torrified Top

D2HA MR Traditional T Series

D1A Traditional T Series

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