January 2017 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeFender Amps – Blues Junior – British Red
One of only 250 made, this British Red tube amp has all that classic American breakup with an upgraded British Celestion G12M Greenback speaker.

Fender Amps - Blues Junior - British Red

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Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars – 2002 CW Brazilian Used
Really clean example of a Brazilian CW. Big, full sound.

Our Collings inventory is always changing – head on over to view the latest Collings Collection! 

Eric PutnamStrymon Effect Pedals – El Capistan
With all of the new exciting delay pedals coming out it can be easy to overlook some of the old favorites. The El Cap is just a great sounding tape voiced delay that can be as simple, or complex as you would like. One of the easiest delays to get a good sound out of, and has become my main delay pedal.

Here are the latest Effects Pedals to hit the website!

Matt Pelsma – Martin Acoustic Guitars – 2004 D-28 Marquis Used
This is a great, vintage feeling and sounding guitar with a lot of life in it. Very dynamic and warm without being too rich for a rosewood guitar. A stellar piece that was played well and that needs some more use!

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Jade Rowland – Planet Waves – Tri-Action Guitar Capo
The ability to adjust the tension, and move it around the neck very quickly makes this capo great for performing and won’t pull your guitar out of tune.

There are tons of accessories on our website, and even more in the shop!

Mike Horan – Tom Anderson Electric Guitars – T Classic Shorty Hollow – Translucent Butterscotch
Hey, this is just like my guitar! It’s true—I own only one electric, and it’s an Anderson Hollow T Classic with this finish. I wasn’t even planning on buying an electric that day, but it was, as they say, love at first sight.

Can’t beat a personal endorsement from Store/Repair Manager Mike Horan!

Matt Harmon – Emerson Prewired Tele 3-way Kit
Hearing is believing, after a few customers had brought me these kits to install I quickly realized that these parts are the real deal. Complete control over your pickups from 1-10 on the volume and tone controls. This tele kit is the easiest of the kits to install if you’re a do it your selfer. Click to buy, install it and you will not regret it. Or have us install it for you! Chances are you’ll be putting them in all of your guitars.

Finding cost-effective upgrades to your gear is one of the things our Repair Shop excels at!

Trey DurkinGibson Acoustic Guitars – 1959 SJN “Country Western” Jumbo Used
Super cool country or bluegrass guitar with a bold tone for strumming or flatpicking. This would be a good choice in the studio or at a bluegrass jam. Awesome patina, and I love the pickguard.

One of many great vintage guitars in the shop right now!

Susan Willits – Weber Mandolins – 2010 Gallatin A-Style Used
This Weber Gallatin is a very nice mandolin. It has a rich, full sound with plenty of punch. This entry level Weber is built with the same quality as their higher end mandolins. It’s in great shape with no fret wear and looks as though it’s never been played! A practically new mandolin for a used price!

 Check out all the Mandolins we currently have in-stock 

Matt KappenmanCollings Electric Guitars – I-35 LC – Faded Cherry
After getting back from the NAMM show I’ve had Collings electrics on the brain. This Faded Cherry has all the vintage-inspired touches I love paired with a Medium-Fat C-shaped neck profile that feels great from first position all the way up the neck.

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