June 2017 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeMartin Acoustic Guitars – Custom Shop Dreadnought Wild Grain EIR
Our Custom Shop Martin from NAMM has now arrived! Matt and I had a blast picking out the woodset and putting together a beautiful D-28 Style dread with some hot rodded specs. Adirondack top, hide glue, forward shifted bracing…it lives up to everything I was hoping it would be while choosing the specs.

Martin Acoustic Guitars - Custom Shop Dreadnought Wild Grain EIR

Check out the custom Wild Grain Rosewood on this Martin!

Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars – OM2H Traditional T Series – Baked
Wonderful small-bodied OM that sounds nice and even like an old guitar.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - OM2H Traditional T Series - Baked

Our Collings inventory is always changing – head on over to view the latest in our Collings Collection! 

Eric PutnamStomp Under Foot – Pink Hellephant
First ever custom made pedal for Mass Street Music! The Pink Hellephant is an overdrive, and fuzz in the same enclosure. The overdrive is a low-medium gain overdrive that sounds great with humbuckers, or single coils. The fuzz half is a lower gain version of the Stomp Under Foot Hellephant. They work great by themselves as stand alone circuits, or if you want some out of control fuzz tones you can stack the two!

Stomp Under Foot - Pink Hellephant

Check out our Pink Hellephant demo video!

Matt Pelsma – Zvex Vexter – Fat Fuzz Factory
I have used one of these for the last four months on my board and I love it for really gross, amp melting sounds. Dial in a fuzz that has a glitch-y attack or ride the volume knob for some unique squealing action. The size and artwork is cool, and stomping on the switch is very satisfying.

Zvex Vexter - Fat Fuzz Factory

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Brian Soden – JHS Effect Pedals – The AT (Andy Timmons) Signature Channel Drive
Wow! This thing is so addictive. Super rich British flavor with tons of gain on tap. Open chords are clear and balanced, even with the gain cranked up. I’m diggin’ it!

JHS Effect Pedals - The AT (Andy Timmons) Signature Channel Drive

Check out our expanding Pedal lineup

Mike Horan – Gibson Acoustic Guitars – 1936 L-50 Archtop Used
Easy-playing archtop tone monster. Like an awesome L-5 for a pittance of the price.

Gibson Acoustic Guitars - 1936 L-50 Archtop Used

Our new, used and vintage inventory is always changing check it out

Matt Harmon – Mono Cases – Guitar Sleeve Electric Gig Bag – Ash
These gig bags are absolutely the best out there.

Mono Cases - Guitar Sleeve Electric Gig Bag - Ash

One of the many great Accessories here at the shop!

Trey DurkinLeo Posch Acoustic Guitars – L-M
So cool! Awesome smaller slope shoulder body with a 13-fret neck joint makes for a unique tone. Strong and bold enough for loud flatpick bass runs, but an even response and treble clarity make it a great choice for strumming and fingerstyle alike. This is a dream guitar for old-time music. It has been tempting me ever since it showed up in the store!

Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars

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Susan Willits – Leo Posch Banjos – Weymann Conversion
I like our new/old Weymann Conversion banjo. It has a nice, punchy sound and the new neck makes it easy to play. The engraved pinwheel and star inlays are a classy touch, and it’s light weight makes it easy to hold on your lap, or to stand and play for hours with no shoulder pain! Comes with a skin head and a Guardian feather case.

Leo Posch Banjos - Weymann Conversion

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Matt KappenmanTungsten Amps – Mosaic Mk II 1×12 Tweed
I love the simplicity of this amp. Volume, tone, two inputs and lots of tube amp tone. Even pushed to breakup it’s not overly loud.

Tungsten Amps - Mosaic Mk II 1x12 Tweed

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