Waterloo WL-12

Waterloo WL-12 Mh – First Impressions

Waterloo Wl-12 Mh Mahogany
The crew at Waterloo Guitars, led by master luthier Bill Collings, continues to build these stripped down, vintage inspired guitars, each one filling another niche in the all but forgotten parlor guitars of the past. Whereas the original Maple backed WL-12 has a bright sparkle to the tone, this all Mahogany 12-Fret model is dark and moody, with a direct, crisp attack followed by a really quick decay. This round, full tone makes it a great option for blues players, finger-picking and old time rhythm guitar styles. Check out our first look demo below or head on over to the WL-12 Mh page for all the high-res photos.
Update: We have another WL-12mh just in!

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