October 2018 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeTaylor Acoustic Guitars – K14ce Builder’s Edition
I’m very excited to have our Builder’s Edition arrive. This guitar has been a long time coming and represents the next evolution in guitar building from Taylor. The sculpted neck joint, and the beveled body edge treatment are very nice upgrades and the Koa back and sides work very well with the new V-Class top.

Taylor Acoustic Guitars - K14ce Builder's Edition

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Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars – 01 Traditional T Series Baked – Sunburst
Responsive and big sounding smaller guitar, and very comfortable to play.

CollCollings Acoustic Guitars - 01 Traditional T Series Baked - Sunburst

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Eric PutnamKlon – Centaur Gold Overdrive – Used
This is the real deal! My favorite pedal for rounding out single coil guitars or pushing an already distorting amp.

Klon - Centaur Gold Overdrive - Used

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Matt Pelsma – Fender Guitars – 1962 Musicmaster – Used
Super cool and fun to play. It’s the real vintage deal!

Fender Guitars - 1962 Musicmaster - Used

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Brian Soden – Crazy Tube Circuits – Constellation Fuzz
Fuzz pedals and treble boosters are such an integral part of crafting classic, vintage inspired tones. From Cream to Eric Johnson to Black Sabbath all the way to Jack White…it’s ALL in this pedal! I spent a good amount of time with it, plugging in humbucker and single coil equipped guitars and achieved killer results. So much dang fun! Note: The NOS Germanium transistors used in this pedal are in limited stock, so this pedal is a “get it while ya can” piece! Swipe one up!!

Crazy Tube Circuits - Constellation Fuzz

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Mike Horan – Collings Acoustic Guitars – 1996 C-100 DLX Koa – Used
This is an exquisite guitar. The C-100 body shape, similar but slightly larger than the C-10, produces a little more “oomph” on the low end. But it maintains the great tonal balance typical of its smaller brethren. And the koa is drop-dead gorgeous. How fortunate that it ended up on this guitar and not on a high-end coffee table…

C-100 Koa DLX

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Matt Harmon – Collings Electric Guitars – 360 LT M Special – Sherwood Green – Aged
Not very many guitars come in that I dream of owning, just when I thought I had come to an understanding about acquiring new guitars this showed up, and now it’s all I can think about.

Collings Electric Guitars - 360 LT M Special - Sherwood Green - Aged

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Trey DurkinBart Reiter Banjos – Galax
This is the perfect banjo for anybody. Great sound fingerstyle or clawhammer, and every tuning you put it in rings in its own way. A Whyte Laydie tone ring and Amber head give this a rich full sound, with more stability (less adjusting) than a natural skin head. The star on the headstock seals the deal for me.

Bart Reiter Banjos - Galax

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Susan Willits – Collings Mandolins – MF GT – Sunburst
We have a new Collings MFGT in the store, and it’s a beauty! Wonderful tone and excellent craftsmanship make this sunburst mandolin a joy to play. The neck feels great, playing easily up and down the frets with clarity and resonance. You simply can’t go wrong with a Collings mandolin!

Collings Mandolins - MF GT - Sunburst

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Matt KappenmanWaterloo by Collings – WL-14 X Truss Rod – Boot Burst
This Boot Burst WL-14 has such a great vintage vibe, with all the playability and comfort of a new guitar. If you’re looking for an old-time strummer, or a comfy blues box you can’t go wrong with these guitars. I’ve been playing mine for almost a year it keeps getting better.

Waterloo by Collings - WL-14 X Truss Rod - Boot Burst

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