May 2019 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeCollings Acoustic Guitars – D2H A Traditional T Series 1 11/16
This is my favorite D2H A traditional that we’ve had in. The low end on this dreadnought is amazing, similar to the powerful low-end on a piano, without being overly boomy. Fantastic lifetime guitar.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - D2H A Traditional T Series 1 11/16

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Jim Baggett – Martin Acoustic Guitars – 1933 OM-18 Used
Great sounding early ’30s OM. Bar frets are in great condition, and it’s ready to play right out of the case.

Martin Acoustic Guitars - 1933 OM-18 Used

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Eric PutnamCollings Electric Guitars – City Limits Gold Top – Aged
You can really get anything you want out of this guitar. The Wolfetone p90s are the perfect fit. Really classy relicing, and a great feeling neck.

Collings Electric Guitars - City Limits Gold Top - Aged

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Matt Pelsma – Fender Guitars – 1993 Custom Shop La Riata Guitar Center 29th Anniversary Tele
This is an insanely unique tele. The custom shop single coils wail and twang like something special. Excellent weight and resonance, along with some unique carved appointments.

Fender Guitars - 1993 Custom Shop La Riata Guitar Center 29th Anniversary Tele

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Brian Soden – BMF Effects Pedals
I’m really stoked about the killer new pedals we just received from Scott at BMF Effects! BMF really nails the classic drive and fuzz tones I dig for late ’60s and ’70s rock. The build quality is incredibly solid and each unit is super quiet when engaged, which is ideal for recording situations. Come by and check out my three favs – The Godfather II, GB Germanium Boost and BMF Wah. This trio exudes classic rock! All BMF Effects are hand-made in Southern California.

BMF Effects Pedals

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Mike Horan – Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars – L-M
Don’t be deceived by the smaller body on this gem. It has projection to spare and sounds great as an old-time backup instrument, or as an upfront flatpicker with a cutting mid-range. Sweet!

Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars - L-M

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Trey DurkinAcri Fingerpicks
These are the most comfortable fingerpicks I’ve ever used! They are like wrapping the ends of your fingers in down pillows, but pull a lot better sound out of your banjo than a feather would. They are a substantial size and weight, but it translates to comfort, they manage to glide off the strings effortlessly. I use the brass ones when I want a warmer tone for some old-time pickin’, and use the stainless when I need that brightness for Bluegrass. If you use fingerpicks regularly these are definitely worth checking out. I have been using these in combination with a Blue Chip Thumbpick for a couple years now, and let me tell you, my picking hand is living in luxury!

Acri Fingerpicks

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Susan Willits – OME Banjos – 12″ Minstrel Open Back
The Ome 12″ Minstrel banjo is a punchy, sweet sounding, beautiful banjo, built with understated elegance. I love the aged hardware, the simple inlay, and the comfortable wooden arm rest! Another winner from Ome!

OME Banjos - 12 Minstrel Open Back

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Matt KappenmanTaylor Guitars – 517e Grand Pacific Builder’s Edition – Wild Honey Burst
I grew up learning to play on a friend’s Taylor dreadnought, and these Grand Pacifics scratch that nostalgic itch, with some new sounds. Love the slope-shoulder design, with the warm low-end and the even response across the fingerboard, thanks to the V-Class bracing. It’s a Taylor worthy of some campground picking this summer.

Taylor Acoustic Guitars - 517e Grand Pacific Builder's Edition - Wild Honey Burst

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