September 2019 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeTom Anderson Electric Guitars – Icon Classic – Black over Tobacco Distress Lvl 3
Eric and I ordered this guitar back in January at NAMM and we have been anxiously waiting for 8 months for it to arrive. The Carmel Maple neck is the darkest that I’ve seen from Anderson and it perfectly complements the amber that is revealed in the burst undercoat of the body. When first picking up the guitar I immediately noticed its superb balance and resonance. It was well worth the wait!!

Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - Icon Classic - Black over Tobacco Distress Lvl 3

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Jim Baggett – Collings Ukuleles – UT1 K Tenor Ukulele
We are fortunate to have a couple Collings Ukuleles in the shop this Fall, with this UT1 Koa tenor being the first. The Collings craftsmanship and attention to detail is very much on display with this Uke. A truly great piece of functional art in such a humble instrument.

Collings Ukuleles - UT1 K Tenor Ukulele

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Eric PutnamThorpy FX – Fallout Cloud Fuzz
The whole Thorpy line is incredible and this Fuzz is no exception. It does the vintage Big Muff sounds but with more note definition and more eq control. Also one of the most interesting looking pedal enclosures on the market.

Thorpy FX - Fallout Cloud Fuzz

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Matt Pelsma – Tungsten – Foxtrot Fuzz Red
The Bias knob is a really cool addition if you are looking to capture spit-y to velcro fuzz sounds. Combine with the rich fuzz circuit sound that made everyone in the shop stop what they are doing and listen, plus a custom color? Really, two very cool additions.

Tungsten - Foxtrot Fuzz Red

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Brian Soden – Mythos Pedals – Argo Octave Fuzz
My Lord, I’m still in love with this pedal. Inspired by the discontinued C.O.B. (clean octave blend) unit of the past, Zach with Mythos has filled the void with the Argo Octave Fuzz! Come by and plug one in for yourself. And make sure to come into the store Saturday, Oct. 19th at 1:00 PM for our Mythos In-store event. Zach will be here for a run-through of the entire Mythos line and we’ll be doing a giveaway!

Mythos Pedals - Argo Octave Fuzz

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Mike Horan – Waterloo by Collings – WL-AT SB
A great little archtop with great punch and pearly highs!

Waterloo by Collings - WL-AT SB

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Matt Harmon – Big Ear – Woodcutter Distortion
I recently got a chance to play a whiteface reissue Rat, Rat2, and the Wodcutter. I was really surprised with the Woodcutter and the wider range of controls than the whiteface and rat2 had. With the original vintage Rats and the whiteface reissues getting harder to find and the prices keep getting higher, the Woodcutter comes in $100 less than the reissues. This will quickly becomes a goto choice for that sound.

Big Ear - Woodcutter Distortion

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Trey DurkinFender Basses – American Performer Precision Bass – Burst
It’s hard to beat a Fender P-Bass for that definitive electric bass sound, and this one goes a step further, adding in a Jazz Bridge pickup for some equally classic tonal options. Fender introduced the first mass-produced electric basses (The Precision Bass) in 1951, and ever since, they have been the most popular electric bass of all time. This one lives up to the legacy! Come check it out.

Fender Basses - American Performer Precision Bass - Burst

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Susan Willits – Bacon & Day Banjo – 1922 Silver Bell Serenader Tenor
I love the tubby, round sound of this Bacon & Day Silver Bell Serenader tenor banjo!! There’s nothing quite like the sound you get from a skin head. This is a fun banjo, in very good condition, with tasteful inlay. I especially enjoy the cute little design on the heel cap. Plus, I think it wins the contest for having the longest name! Nearly 100 years old, but still going strong!!

Bacon & Day Banjo - 1922 Silver Bell Serenader Tenor

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Matt KappenmanTaylor Acoustic Guitars – 717e Grand Pacific Builder’s Edition
Inevitably at the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival there ends up being some down time in the late afternoon as the booth empties and people head for dinner. That’s when I end up grabbing a guitar and playing for a few minutes to regain my sanity. This 717e Grand Pacific was my go to guitar in our Taylor Booth. The new slope-shouldered dreadnought shape is extremely comfortable and it worked great for both flat-picked lead lines and really satisfying chord strumming. The more time I spent with them, the more I continue to be impressed with these V-Class dreadnoughts.

Taylor Acoustic Guitars - 717e Grand Pacific Builder's Edition

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