April 2020 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeFender Guitars – American Ultra Telecaster RW – Texas Tea
I think this new Tele looks amazing. It is a black metallic finish that changes in a subtle and cool way depending on the lighting. We had one back at the beginning of the year and it was gone quickly, so it is nice to get another in the door.

Fender Guitars - American Ultra Telecaster RW - Texas Tea

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Jim Baggett – Fender Electric Guitars – 1962 Jaguar – Fiesta Red
A fantastic example of a vintage matching headstock Fiesta Red Jaguar. From the very first year (1962) of Jaguar production.

Fender Electric Guitars - 1962 Jaguar - Fiesta Red

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Eric PutnamJAM Pedals – Wahcko Wah
I am a big fan of everything Jam pedals makes at this wah is no exception. With the different sweep options on the side you can get anything from hendrix-like wah sounds to more extreme sweeps for a more modern wah sound. It is also hand painted and made in Greece!

JAM Pedals - Wahcko Wah

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Matt Pelsma – PreSonus Audio Interfaces – STUDIO 24c
The Studio 24c is an excellent interface for a screaming good deal. Outfitted with XMAX preamps, this interface delivers a richer signal with a lower noise floor. Comes equipped with USB-C for newer computers, but also USB cable to connect to the old standard USB-A. If you are looking to get an interface to start your recording project, the extra $50 over the Audiobox 96 will take you far.

PreSonus Audio Interfaces - STUDIO 24c

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Brian Soden – Nobels Pedals – ODR-1 (bc) Overdrive
This new version of the infamous Nobels ODR-1 contains some excellent tweaks! You can run it at 9 or 18 volts and it also features a new internal “bass cut” switch. In my opinion, running it at 18 volts with the “bass cut” engaged is the magic setting. It sounds and FEELS just like an original Nobels ODR-1, which now sell for over $350 on the used market. If you’re a tone purist, you’ll definitely dig this latest Nobels offering!

Nobels Pedals - ODR-1 (bc) Overdrive

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Mike Horan – Eastman Mandolins – MD315-CLA
Eastman makes the only quality F-style mandolin in the under $1000 price range. Fantastic instrument for the money!

Eastman Mandolins - MD315-CLA

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Trey DurkinCollings Mandolins – MT GT Sheraton Brown
This may be my favorite Collings mandolin I’ve ever played. Great tone, incredible playability, and beautiful craftsmanship throughout. The wide flame on the back looks gorgeous in the satin finish.

Collings Mandolins - MT GT Sheraton Brown

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Susan Willits – Collings Mandolins – MT GT – Honey Amber
We currently have a nice assortment of Collings mandolins. Our latest arrival is the MT-GT Honey Amber mandolin, with beautiful flamed maple neck, back and sides and an Engleman Spruce top. This mandolin will cover all the bases, from sweet and soft, to a loud, punchy bark when you lay into it! Another winner from Collings!

Collings Mandolins - MT GT - Honey Amber

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Matt KappenmanCollings Guitars – D1 A Traditional T Series – Vintage Satin
For years we’ve had customers asking for the ‘Julian Lage’ finish treatment on a dreadnought guitar, and now for 2020, Collings has absolutely delivered on it. This D1 A Traditional, with the ‘Vintage Satin’ finish, has a dark low-end that doesn’t sound muddy at all, which is really satisfying to play. Every time I pick up this guitar I find myself surprised at how vintage sounding it is for a new guitar is. It was definitely worth the wait.

Collings Guitars - D1 A Traditional T Series - Vintage Satin

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