September 2020 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeTom Anderson Electric Guitars – T Classic w/ J-Trem – Transparent Dirty White Distress Lvl 3
When I ordered this Tom Anderson T Classic w/ J-Trem at NAMM back in January, I knew it would be a killer guitar. It is more impressive than I anticipated. The J-Trem feels smooth in operation and more immediately responsive than a Bigsby or traditional Jazzmaster tailpiece. All of this, and it is only 6.7 Lbs.

Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - T Classic w/ J-Trem - Transparent Dirty White Distress Lvl 3

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Jim Baggett – Gibson Guitars – 1951 SJ-200 – Used
A wonderful restoration of this classic early ’50s Gibson.

Gibson Guitars - 1951 SJ-200 - Used

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Eric PutnamBrowne Amplification – Protein Dual Overdrive
I have been excited to try one of these out for a while. The blue side is open and great for natural low gain sounds. The green side is more chewy and fat with more gain and a fatter mid range. Between the two sides and being able to stack them you can cover alot of ground. There are alot of drives out there but this one has quickly become a favorite. This could easily be your only drive pedal for most styles of playing. Its also great to have another Kansas City company in our pedal case!

Browne Amplification - Protein Dual Overdrive

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Matt Pelsma – Strymon Effects Pedals – NightSky – Time Warped Reverberator
This new pedal from Strymon is a breakaway from what they usually produce- fine digital replicas of vintage gear. This massive, feature-rich reverb unit isn’t based on anything that has come before- it is looking toward the future. This reverb will have you experimenting intelligently for years to come, generating tones both familiar and otherworldly.

Strymon Effects Pedals - NightSky - Time Warped Reverberator

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Brian Soden – Surfy Industries – SurfyBear Compact Tank Black (V1.1)
Real spring reverb is so hard to beat, man. The way it responds to your playing dynamics. The way it splashes when you play hard. The way it drips when you palm-mute single note lines. There’s nothing more satisfying. And now you don’t have to lug around your delicate vintage spring reverb tank! Surfy Industries has created the SurfyBear Compact so it can fit right on your pedalboard. Eric and I love this new compact reveb so much that we each had to buy one the day our first order arrived. Ha!

Surfy Industries - SurfyBear Compact Tank Black (V1.1)

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Mike Horan – Bourgeois Acoustic Guitars – D – Vintage
Punchy and lively, this guitar’s sound and comfortable neck make for a very satisfying flatpicking experience.

Bourgeois Acoustic Guitars - D - Vintage

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Trey DurkinJAM Pedals – RetroVibe mk.2
This Is an excellent playing and sounding mando. I also really like the black top finish aesthetic, this is a super-cool looking instrument. It always catches my eye when I go up and down the stairs.

JAM Pedals - RetroVibe mk.2

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Susan Willits – Straps at Mass Street Music
We have an amazing assortment of straps in stock, from my personal favorite, Lakota Leathers, as well as straps from Martin, Taylor, Levys, Fender, Gretsch, Original Fuzz, Henry Heller and more! Check them out on the website!

Straps at Mass Street Music

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Matt KappenmanElliott Capos – 1 3/4″ Elliott Push Button Guitar Capo
For those of us that are mainly acoustic players there aren’t many accessories that scratch that ‘I’d like some new gear’ itch. After selling off an old beginner electric guitar I decided to upgrade my capo for an Elliott. I personally prefer the classic Elliott style yoke with the push button release. It feels the most functional and easy to use and after sampling their entire lineup here at the store, I think it sounds the best with my guitar. Made from stainless steel, this capo is built to last.

Elliott Capos - 1 3/4 Elliott Push Button Guitar Capo

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