March 2021 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeTaylor Acoustic Guitars – 214ce Plus
We have been selling a bunch of Taylor 214 models over the past couple of years. My favorites have been the Deluxe models that come with a hardshell case, but the 214ce Plus that came out last year is definitely the best value. The hybrid Aero case that comes with this version is a perfect fit between portable and protective.

Taylor Acoustic Guitars - 214ce Plus

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Jim Baggett – Gibson Guitars – 1951 SJ-200 – Used
A nice early ’50s vintage Gibson with a classic looking factory refinish.

Gibson Guitars – 1951 SJ-200 – Used

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Eric Putnam – JAM Pedals – Delay Llama mk.2
I’ve picked it before and I’ll pick it again! This is my all time favorite delay pedal. It’s simple, and the repeats are the perfect amount of warm but not muddy. It lives somewhere in between a good tape echo and analog delay. Every Jam pedal is hand painted, so even if you do not play guitar you can buy it as a piece of artwork! Who doesn’t want a hand made piece of art from Athens Greece!

JAM Pedals - Delay Llama mk.2

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Matt Pelsma – Don Grosh Electric Guitars – NOS Retro – 2-Tone Burst
Perfect ’50s feelin Stratocaster tone, look and feel! With modern play-ability, of course.

Don Grosh Electric Guitars - NOS Retro - 2-Tone Burst

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Brian Soden – Greer Amps – Lightspeed Organic Overdrive Pink and White
Nick Greer makes some of our favorite drive and fuzz pedals in the shop. The Lightspeed is a top seller and now offered in this sweet pink color scheme! Seriously. I feel like I need one of these, myself! The Lightspeed gives you a nice low to medium gain transparent overdrive, perfect for stacking with a driven amp or another overdrive.

Greer Amps - Lightspeed Organic Overdrive Pink and White

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Mike Horan – Collings Guitars – D1 Traditional T Series
Open, dynamic and great playing dreadnought right out of the case. These D1 traditionals have been consistently great and this one is a joy to play.

Collings Guitars - D1 Traditional T Series

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Trey Durkin – Collings Guitars – Parlor 1 Mh Traditional T Series
This is another stunning instrument from Collings. This one immediately feels like a friend, and it is hard to stop playing once I pick it up. Like all the traditional series guitars, it is amazingly open sounding for a new guitar, and will only get better.

Pisgah Banjos - 11 Appalachian Cherry with Vintage Heel

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Susan Willits – ODE Banjos – 12″ Sundance Open Back Banjo w/Wooden Armrest
Ome has recently resumed production of the Ode banjo and we just received our first 12″ Ode Sundance. This Ode features a multi ply maple tone rim and a wood rim rod, giving it a lovely, warm tone. Not only is it a lot of fun to play, one of the advantages of this banjo is the build quality, which makes it a great choice for an experienced player, as well as being affordable enough for a beginner.

ODE Banjos - 12

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Matt KappenmanGretsch Electric Guitars – G5422T Electromatic – Orange Stain
I’m a sucker for that “Great Gretsch Sound” and this Orange Stain Electromatic has a classic look to go with it.

Gretsch Electric Guitars - G5422T Electromatic - Orange Stain

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