April 2022 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Kyle RalstonMilkman Sound – 5W Half Pint
This is such a great sounding low watt combo with versatility to no end. Outstanding tube reverb and tremolo with an on board voltage regulator allows you to scale back the wattage just enough to where your volume can accompany just about any size of room.

Powered by a single 6v6 and housing a 12″ Celestion 25w Greenback, the Half Pint has plenty of headroom and strong low end for a low wattage amp. I would arguably say it may be the best in its class. Hand wired with the best components you can find right here in the USA, this is definitely a forever amplifier.

Milkman Sound - 5W Half Pint

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Jim Baggett – Martin Guitars – 1930 OM-28
For decades guitarists have considered this to be the Steinway Grand of fingerstyle guitars. This example easily holds up to that honored status.

Martin Guitars - 1930 OM-28

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Brian Soden – Seeker Electric Effects – Descry
The Descry is chocked full of rich germanium goodness with quite a bit of versatility. My favorite feature is the Filter control which allows you to dial in the right amount of thickness depending on which guitar/amp configuration you’re using. I also dig having a bias control on the outside of the unit. If you want spitty, gated sounds, you can dial it in! Love this one!

Seeker Electric Effects - Descry

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Mike Horan – Bumgarner Guitars – 2014 Derecho – Gypsy Jazz
Great sounding, vintage-inspired Gypsy Jazz-style guitar with D-hole soundhole.

Bumgarner Guitars - 2014 Derecho - Gypsy Jazz

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Matt HarmonStrymon Effect Pedals – El Capistan
This older tape delay from Strymon still holds up against some of the bigger and new offerings available. Easy to dial in and with a multi switch you can have presets available.

Strymon Effect Pedals - El Capistan

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Trey Durkin – Squier – Affinity PJ Bass Laurel Fingerboard – Black
I am so impressed by the Squier Affinity series basses. These are inexpensive instruments that have very similar specs to the most iconic basses of all time. I would feel completely comfortable playing one of these in a professional setting. The pickups sound great, the fretwork is good, and the necks are comfortable, and as part of our free setup we’ll make it play just how you like.

Squier - Affinity PJ Bass Laurel Fingerboard - Black

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Susan Willits – Recording King – RKH-05 Resonator Banjo
If you’re thinking about learning to play the banjo, but don’t want to spend a fortune, you should check out the Recording King RKH-05. This is a well made, no frills banjo that plays nicely all the way up and down the neck. Pair this banjo with the Earl Scruggs banjo bible (my personal favorite) and you’re well on your way to beginning to play like Earl! What better way to spend your time?!!

Recording King - RKH-05 Resonator Banjo

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Matt KappenmanIris Guitars – OG – Mahogany
This little mahogany box is addictive. I had been leaning towards it as my staff pick after hearing a customer try it out last week, and after playing it this morning I’m hooked. This LG-inspired guitar has a nice, responsive low-end that you can really drive on a bass run, but never gets boomy. It’s a warm sounding guitar, but it still has a chime to the high-end that I really enjoy when playing fiddle tunes.

Iris Guitars - OG - Mahogany

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