1938 Martin D-28 - Herringbone

1938 Herringbone – Vintage Martin D-28

1938 Martin D-28 - Herringbone

Jim’s just wrapping up the setup on this stunning D-28. Commonly known as a ‘Herringbone,’ or ‘Bone’ due to the distinctive herringbone purfling, this guitar was built in 1938, which was a transitional year at Martin in terms of their X-brace design. This particular guitar is one of 24 built* with rear-shifted X-bracing that year, which makes it a bit unique with a wide, 1 3/4″ neck and rear-shifted bracing.⁠

There’s a bit of playwear present, but somenone obviously loved the sound of the guitar. We’ll have this one for sale soon! ⁠

*Thanks to the Greig Hutton and his Hutton’s Guide to Martin Guitars for that detail on the number of rear-shifted D-28s!

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