August 2023 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Brian Soden – Mythos Pedals – Olympus Overdrive
This is a drive pedal that I feel some might be sleeping on. If you dig the classic sound of a pushed old Fender tweed amp, the Olymus is right up your alley. I’m using mine for low/med gain amp-like Americana / Roots Rock with an Xotic RC Booster after it. Think Isbell, Wilco, etc. There is a decent amount of gain on tap if you need it, too!

Mythos Pedals - Olympus Overdrive

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Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars – CJ-45 T
A classic shape and design well executed by Collings.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - CJ-45 T

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Matt Pelsma – Tom Anderson Guitars – Mongrel – Hollow Shorty – Shell Pink
One of the prettiest, and classiest guitars I have ever played! Flawless finish, and the binding color matches the neck. Unique looking and traditional feeling!

Tom Anderson Guitars - Mongrel - Hollow Shorty - Shell Pink

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Mike Horan – Bourgeois Mandolins – M5A – Aged Tone
This mando has a very satisfying mid-range tone, reminding more of the sound of an older F5. Its bark is bluegrassy, and it really responds to a firm pick attack. And the craftsmanship is lovely!

Bourgeois Mandolins - M5A - Aged Tone

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Matt Harmon – Moll Custom Instruments – 2003 The Classic 16 Archtop – Used
How could I not pick this… It’s not very often I get to see one of Bill’s guitars come through the shop. I’ve worked on this one in the past, I would consider this to be a “great one.” Lots of good memories working with Bill.

Moll Custom Instruments - 2003 The Classic 16 Archtop - Used

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Isaiah Sibi – Fishman Amps – Loudbox Mini Charge
The Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge allows plugging in for 1 instrument and 1 microphone with an on board reverb and chorus effect, as well as a phase button to boost to help suppress feedback. The amp also supports Bluetooth connectivity and has an XLR DI output for plugging into a larger PA if desired. Battery life lasts for approximately 12 hours which is signaled with an on board, color changing battery life indicator. With its lightweight compact size, battery capabilities, and clear acoustic tones, the amp makes a perfect companion for travel, outside gigs, or even jamming with friends.

Fishman Amps - Loudbox Mini Charge

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Susan Willits – Taylor Acoustic Guitars – Academy 12e
The Taylor Academy 12E is a nice option for someone wanting to upgrade their existing guitar, or for a great quality, first guitar purchase. It’s a good size for playing on the couch and the beveled armrest makes it even more comfortable. Built in tuner and pickup, with controls at your fingertips, give you the option of plugging in and getting loud!

Taylor Acoustic Guitars - Academy 12e

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Matt KappenmanCollings Acoustic Guitars – D2H
In the sea of rosewood dreadnoughts the D2H is a modern classic. With a comfy, great playing Modified V neck profile and responsive Sitka top this 14-fret guitar can handle everything from country classics to flatpicking standards. A truly lifetime guitar.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - D2H

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