MSM at the Fretboard Summit

Earlier this month Jim and Matt K took a trip up to Chicago to attend the Fretboard Summit. The Fretboard Summit is an amazing event put on by Jason Verlinde of the Fretboard Journal featuring some of our favorite luthiers and guitar builders, musicians, repair and industry experts along with guitar enthusiasts. While there they got to catch up with everyone from Collings, Martin, Iris, Taylor, Bourgeois, Preston Thompson, Pre-War, Santa Cruz and more! They came back truly excited about some of the new models coming down the pike.

Jim spoke Thursday afternoon on a panel regarding the music retail business with our friends Mark Stutman of Folkway Music and Adam Buchwald of Iris Guitars/Circle Strings, along with Jason Verlinde of the Fretboard Journal moderating. A great weekend of guitars, catching up with some old friends along with sneaking in a fantastic performance from Joey Landreth! ⁠

Jim, Matt K and the crew from Collings Guitars

Jim, Cameron Knowler and his (previously Norman Blake’s) 1933 Gibson L Century of Progress

Jim, Wayne Henderson and Norman Blake’s 1933 Gibson L Century of Progress

Mark Athlans (Collings Guitars), Jim Baggett, Joe Glaser and Steve McCreary (Collings Guitars)

Joey Landreth playing a prototype Collings Electric

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