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Open for Online Orders – COVID-19 Update

The folks at Downtown Lawrence, Inc have provided us with some clarifications from the Douglas County Health Department. We are able to operate our web channels and continue shipping out items! We are still unable to offer curbside service or repair until April 23rd, unless the current Stay-At-Home order in Douglas County is amended. Because we will be fulfilling orders with a very small skeleton crew, we won’t be able to … Continue reading Open for Online Orders – COVID-19 Update

Herringbone Headstock Repair – Part II

Check out Part I of our Repair Spotlight on Byron Berline’s Herringbone D-28 before diving into Part II below. When we left off with the repair of our friend Byron Berline’s herringbone D-28 Jim had come up with a plan for removing the veneer and cleaning up the headstock break. This was necessary in order to make a good surface for gluing things up, and … Continue reading Herringbone Headstock Repair – Part II

Waterloo WL-14 LTR Demo

The ladder braced builds from Waterloo Guitars continue to be shop favorites for their quick string response, throaty mid-range and top-end sparkle. These vintage-inspired guitars are typically thought of as blues boxes or old-time guitars, but can work equally well as an accompaniment instrument for a singer-songwriter or smaller group. Check out our guy Matt Pelsma on this WL-14LTR, and head on over to the website … Continue reading Waterloo WL-14 LTR Demo

Repair Spotlight – PLEK Machine – Cutter head Calibration

Matt and Mike up in our repair shop spent the morning yesterday installing a new fret cutter head in our PLEK machine. This is a fairly routine procedure in which the old head is removed and sent back to PLEK for sharpening and a new one is installed, and then meticulously calibrated in order to maintain the accuracy of our PLEK fret dresses. Check out … Continue reading Repair Spotlight – PLEK Machine – Cutter head Calibration

Mass Resonator Podcast

Podcast – Episode 4 – Specs don’t matter

We all fall victim to it in the age of unlimited information on the Internet, the dreaded spec overload. In this episode of the Mass Resonator Podcast Eric, Josh, Brian and Matt sit down to talk about how the particular specs of an instrument don’t matter…until they do. Here is a link to subscribe to the podcast to get episodes automatically downloaded to your computer … Continue reading Podcast – Episode 4 – Specs don’t matter

February 2020 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Josh Baldridge – Fender Electric Guitars – American Professional Stratocaster Solid Rosewood Neck Limited Edition – Desert SandI’ve really enjoyed this limited-run series from Fender. When we had the Antique Olive Telecaster last month, it received quite a bit of attention. The rosewood necks have felt great and I think the looks of this guitar are killer. Check out our collection of Fender Electric Guitars! Jim … Continue reading February 2020 – Mass Street Staff Picks