February MSM Staff Gear Picks 2015

A few of us actually agreed on some gear this month – it’s rare when you’re talking favorites, but does happen from time to time.  Several new items have come in since the staff ponied up their picks for the month, so be sure to check out our items Just In too. Here’s the best of the best for February, according to the Mass Street Music Staff…

Josh BaldridgeCollings C10 35 Acoustic
Wow – take a look! We just got the baby brother of the CJ35! This C10 35 has more sustain than other small body guitars that I’m used to. Tonally, it’s similar to the CJ35 in that there is a noticeable evenness to the strings. Great guitar!


 A tremendous instrument, this new Collings C10 35 grabbed both Josh and Jim’s attention

Jim BaggettCollings C10 35 Acoustic
We had such good luck with the CJ35s we managed to talk Bruce and Bill at Collings into doing something similar in a C10 body shape and it’s great. There’s more of an old-time feel to this than a standard C10, plus many characteristics that vintage L-00 fans will love.

Great minds think alike – frankly we all would have chosen the Collings C10 35, but that wouldn’t have made very interesting reading for the staff picks, now would it?

Eric MardisJHS Moonshine Pedal (Limited Ed. Hand Painted)
I own a Moonshine and really love it. Great mid-rangey overdrive that cuts beautifully in a band setting.  I love to kick this thing on for a medium-saturated lead tone – people often ask me “What pedal were you using when you played that?”  Very natural sounding drive, but not “transparent” like a Timmy…  this one has its own coloration and attitude that is very pleasing. I’ve had one of the regular silver Moonshine pedals for about a year – now, I’m dying for this one that has a sweet hillbilly hand painted on it! Same great circuit, awesome limited edition HILLBILLY box.

Who are you calling hillbilly? Crank it up!

Eric PutnamMarshall DSL40C Amp
This is an awesome amp for under a grand! I grew up playing a Marshall, and I have to say this one brought back some good memories of rockin. All tube, channel switching, reverb, and plenty of volume! What more do you need? 

Nostalgia is one of many reasons why Eric P chose this rocking Marshall DSL40C amp

Ted KritikosSequential Circuits Pro One Synth (Used)
If you like beeps and boops as much as I do, then you’ll love this little analog synth.  From squeely wheelies to thumpa bumpas, this guy’s got it covered.  It’s a true analog music machine, capable of throbbing woahbas and piercing zeepies. I love it!

Ted’s gone bleepin’ bonkers for this used Sequential Circuits synth

Mike HoranCollings CW A Acoustic (Used)
Really great guitar and it’s LOUD. Gives you clear projection throughout the entire range, tight bass and singing highs. It also handles open tuning beautifully and of course looks as good as it sounds.

Mike’s been swayed by this great sounding used Collings CW A acoustic

Susan Willits1965 Gibson TB100 Tenor Banjo (Used)
What fun!  Play this TB-100 banjo as a Tenor, or have a 5 string neck made and play like Earl Scruggs. Either way you get to play a great Gibson banjo!!

Susan’s favorite this month is this vintage ’65 Gibson TB-100 tenor banjo

Thomas HammMarshall DSL40C Amp
I loved playing shows with my old hardcore band (yup, for real), but hated lugging around my Marshall JCM2000 TSL100 head plus a cabinet. And while the DSL40C isn’t going to put out quite as much power, it sounds really similar and is pretty dang sweet.

The Marshall DSL40C Amp grabbed Thomas’ attention too!

Anne Tangeman
Kala EMFS Exotic Mahogany U Bass
I’m still astounded by the sound this little uke gets – it’s a bass! It’s got these crazy polyurethane strings and is tuned just like a bass – just plug it in and play. It’s really amazing and has big bass sound. This one has the swank exotic Mahogany body too.

Small but mighty! The Kala EMFS delivers big bass sound in a uke body

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