April 2015 MSM Staff Gear Picks

Josh BaldridgeGrosh NOS Gold Retro Classic 
This is my go to guitar in the store right now. Whenever I want to test out a pedal or amp with some single coils I grab this one. It has such a classic feel and sound that I can depend on the guitar itself to be everything that I want in the signal chain. The Faded Aztec gold is the perfect mix of bling and class too.

Grosh NOS Retro Gold Strat Style custom electric guitar
Josh and Matt H. totally for the same golden goddess this month, the Grosh NOS!

Jim BaggettBlazer & Henkes Phoenix 28 Dreadnought
Beautiful guitar made by exceptional German luthiers – you don’t see these every day and this is a wonderful example of their work.

Brazilian Rosewood back on Blazer and Henkes guitar
Check out the Brazilian Rosewood on the back of this Blazer…

Jim’s favorite – the Blazer & Henkes Phoenix 28 dreadnought 

Eric MardisGrosh ’79 Sunset
Love this guitar – it’s a reverent nod to the San Dimas Charvels of the late ’70s. Perfect for the summer Van Halen tour!

Grosh Sunset 79 San Dimas Charvel homage
Van Halen never had it so good – the Grosh Sunset ’79!

Eric PutnamDr. Z Maz 38 Sr. 1×12 Amp
I have played a Maz 18 for years and love it. When I plugged into the Maz 38 I felt right at home. The 38 has the same tonal pallet as my 18 but just with more headroom! If you have ever played an out door gig, you know that a little extra headroom is not a bad thing.

Dr. Z Maz 38 Sr NR 112 Amp
The Dr. Z Maz 38 SR NR Amp – more headroom & check that tweed… sharp

Ted KritikosCollings MT GT Mandolin
I love the simple aesthetic of this mandolin, and the tone and volume are amazing. Great chop and punch, with a nice, woody quality that I love.

Collings MT GT Black A Style Mandolin
The Collings MT GT, gloss black – simply perfect!

Matthew Pelsma – Bourgeois Vintage Mahogany OM Custom
This has been a favorite of mine and it’s a surprise to me that no one has snagged it yet. It has great vintage warmth combined with the volume variance from the Adirondack top that lends itself to very tasteful and expressive playing. It’s very tonally dynamic as well! Feels great to let it open up with some finger style playing, or give this one a spin with a Griffith Deluxe Bovine pick. Either way, this is an easy guitar to get along with.

Bourgeois OM Vintage Custom Acoustic Guitar
Get this Bourgeois Vintage Mahogany OM Custom before Matt P does! 

Matt HarmonGrosh NOS Gold Retro Classic 
Absolutey my favorite S style guitar in the store, the Fat 60s single coils sound great and the gold looks great next to my goldtop LP.

Don Grosh NOS Gold Retro Classic
Matt H. is into the Grosh Fat 60s pickups driving this stellar Grosh NOS RC

Trey DurkinFender ’65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue Amp
This gives you incredibly clean tones, the open back design combined with the Jensen speaker is classic. The controls are very responsive for quickly dialing in your tone when switching guitars, which I love. It’s footswitchable too with lush verb and classic Fender trem that sounds so good it makes me want to leave my pedalboard behind. Best of all the ’65 is the perfect size for every occasion – from bedroom jamming to the grand ‘ol Opry and everything in between. Deluxe Reverb + Strat = total nirvana.

fender 65 deluxe reverb reissue amp
New luthier Trey has fallen under the classic spell of the Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue amp!

Susan WillitsFranzke A Mandolin
It’s a great instrument, with beautiful craftsmanship from a local builder. I love the low end and the high notes are clear without being harsh. You couldn’t go wrong with this mando!

Franzke A Style Mandolin
Susan favors the beautifully crafted Franzke A5 mando this month

Thomas HammCatalinbread Topanga Reverb Pedal
If this isn’t the coolest reverb pedal, I’ll eat surfboard wax. It’s got everything reverb-y and more, without sounding artificial.

 Catalinbread Topanga Spring Reverb Pedal
Thomas is ready to hang 10 with this Catalinbread Topanga Spring Reverb pedal

Anne TangemanKelly’s Cigar Box Guitar
I think these are incredibly fun instruments that really anyone can learn to play quickly. Use a slide for some real old time sounds – 3 strings, no waitin’ and you can plug it in if you really want to annoy the neighbors. Locally made too!

Kelly's Cigar Box Guitar - Pine Box model
Simple, local and so fun, the Kelly’s Cigar Box Guitar

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