Collings Full Bodied Acoustic Guitars

collings cj western shaded top guitar

We’ve got a spectacular array of Collings D, CJ and CW style guitars in stock right now at Mass Street Music – these are the big bad boys of bluegrass and many other music styles, favored for their presence, volume and ability to show up in the sound mix even if you’re the lone guitarist in a banjo orchestra or playing to accompany Ethel Merman. The woods chosen for these guitars are top of the line of course – chosen both for their tone and visual perfection. But the really special part comes when we put in an order for a guitar with Collings.

For instance, Collings’ Bruce Van Wart, who we like to call the “wood whisperer”, knows we want a D2H acoustic with two types of wood – say Adirondack Spruce and Madagascar Rosewood. Bruce is the man – he chooses the woods not by selecting just a nice piece of wood, but THE piece of wood that is going to work the best for a dread size acoustic and will pair perfectly with THAT piece of Rosewood, also chosen for the type of guitar it’s going to be made into. When we requested this D2G guitar with a 1 3/4” nutwidth, Bruce knew that and took every millimeter of the guitar’s specs into account when choosing the specific pieces of the requested woods, German Spruce and East Indian Rosewood in this instance – and that’s just the beginning of why these Texas made guitars are so perfect. Every inch is taken into account of the whole. Throughout the build process, the Collings team each contributes their own specialty, like Steve who does all the burst finishes and has for years.

Find out more about the amazing Collings quality in this great video (can you spot our Boss Jim too? Here’s there!)

Learn more about Bruce VanWart’s unique ‘wood whisperer’ skills in this video from Collings:


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Curious what they sound like? Check out our own Collings Acoustic Guitars Youtube playlist:

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