Top 10 Mass Street Music Moments

Note: We all have our favorite Mass Street Music moments, but these are from Anne Tangeman, who after 10 years at Mass Street Music is moving on. She began in sales, but since 2008 has headed up our website, marketing and social media…

In no particular order:

The first staff meeting when they asked if I had any questions. I said, “I have a few questions about the inventory/computer system…” Everyone just laughed and laughed – hard. That was at last two inventory/POS systems ago – and now we do inventory more than once a year too!

Anytime Lee McBee came into the store, “Annie!” – we’re lucky to have Rickie Brothers throw down on harp at the store these days, which is fantastic.

Lee McBee at Mass Street Music

Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings playing music around the corner from me, in Jim’s office, while I’m working. Awesome. Jesse B.R. took this beautiful video in Jim’s office:

I took this one with my phone of Dave Rawlings during another visit:

Watching Leo Posch play banjo (and a killer solo) during a big jam at the store’s 30th Anniversary Party after his terrible bike accident. It was a moment I’ll never forget and it just added to the joy of seeing so many folks from the Lawrence music community playing together.

Also this great moment, also from our 30th Anniversary Party, where Ted K. did a little ditty. Sadly, it’s just a short Instagram video and didn’t capture the full majesty of his brilliance.

Any and all events that went off well – from the first free workshop way back when (held at 9am on a Saturday, yikes!) that 2 people showed up to during a snowstorm, to the recent free hearing clinic and the Lawrence LFK stage at 2015 Folk Alliance Conference which was such a blast. Big thanks to Nick Carswell and his buddy for getting a giant LFK to loom over Crown Center’s lobby that night! I was thrilled to see Bill Kirchen and the great David Amram there as well.

Josh and I hanging out at MSM booth at Folk Alliance 2015 with Mr. Hot Rod Lincoln himself, Bill Kirchen!

The first time watching Jim B. entertain the Americana Kid’s Camp campgoers – he’s fantastic with kids.

Jim Baggett with Americana Music Academy kids

Watching Boss Jim and Brian from Bad Religion hit it off over guitars and then go cycling.

Jim Baggett and Brian from Bad Religion

Collaborating with the Lawrence Public Library and Lawrence Arts Center on several projects – they are both such amazing parts of the Lawrence community!

Friends from a million years ago knowing they can find me here, or finding out from the Love Garden that they could find me here. Also friends bringing their kids to say hello and hanging out with the staff’s kids – Lily, Max, Ava, Laz, Eli, Adelaine, Henry and great visitors Dexter, Rose, Fletcher and more.

Mardis kids hanging out at the store

Finding out what getting something ‘sideways’ meant when the Gibson Joan Jett Melody Maker guitar came out. Yessss.

The time Jim got a $xxxxxx very, very expensive vintage guitar and it fell off a stand in the photo area because I wasn’t watching it like a hawk. Unbelievably, everything was absolutely fine and it landed on carpeting without a nick. I took it, holding my breath, to the repair shop, who said it was ok. I then went to Jim and said, “What’s the worst thing I could do today?” He said, “Drop my new guitar”. After that, I felt like I could deal with anything.

First time I spoke with Dr. Z on the phone, didn’t really believe it was him. Great voice too. Same with Roland White.

Oh yeah, and the time we uncovered this great photo of Flynn from the wayback machine:

the flynnsters, wayback machine

I’ll miss my Mass Street Music family, but I won’t be a stranger. And you all know to call me first if we get a used Melody Maker in, right? Right? Here’s my first staff photo! Check out more great moments on Mass Street’s Instagram feed here and Facebook Photos and Albums.

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