May 2015 MSM Staff Gear Picks

Josh BaldridgeTaylor 214ce SB Deluxe & Taylor 214ce DLX Black
I’m blown away with how much more you get from the Deluxe version of the 214ce and at only $250 extra.

Lets Break it down like James Brown:
Hard Shell Case – $200
ES2 Pickup – $300
Full Gloss Finish – priceless

These upgrades take the standard 214 beyond just an aesthetic step above the 100 series to being an incredible value and serious performing guitar.

Josh is so smitten with the value wrapped up in these 214ce Taylors that we’ve stopped carrying the non-deluxe models!

Jim BaggettCollings D2H Madagascar Rosewood MRA VN  #24037
This is one of the best sounding guitars in the store right now.

Both Jim & Mike picked out this one, and for good reason! 

Eric MardisTom Anderson – Drop Top Classic Sweet and Sour Red 
Each guitar that we’ve received from Anderson this last year has been just stellar…  this one is no exception.  I love the effortless feel of the neck, and the versatility of the pickup configuration.  This guitar can cover a lot of ground.   Lastly, the finish on this one is just stunning.  Sweet and Sour red over flamed maple with black headstock.  This is what custom guitars are all about folks… 


A custom guitar at it’s finest – Sweet & Sour!

Eric PutnamCollings I-35 LC Deluxe Dark Cherry SB 
Like everything out of Collings this guitar is beautiful! Plays great, sounds great, and has the best inlays ever!

The Collings I35 LC Deluxe – everything you expect in a Collings 

Ted KritikosMoog MF Ring Minifooger Pedal
I was pleasantry surprised by just how musical this pedal is – I tend to think of ring modulators as a pretty esoteric bunch, but this pedal has a bunch of useful, practical sounds in it.  It can get crazy, yep, but don’t mistake this for a one trick pony.

The Moog MF Ring Minifooger Pedal- more than meets the eye (or ear)!

Matthew PelsmaStrymon Deco Tape Saturation & Doubletracker Pedal
The Deco has so much authentic sounding history packed into one package.  From warm tape chorus (my favorite) to flanging and country inspired slap-back, you’ll be using a piece of studio guitar effect history without having to lug your reel-to-reel to the gig.  Get crazy with a wobbly worn out tape sound, or add some subtle warmth with the saturation, or both!  Either way you’ll want to shed some Les Paul licks or finally learn that Johnny Marr chord progression.


It just sold but we’ll have more Strymon soon, give us a call to reserve your copy! 

Mike Horan –  Collings D2H Madagascar Rosewood MRA VN #24037
I like everything about this guitar: The beauty of the Madagascar, the classic grain pattern of the Adirondack, the comfortable neck, and of course the lush sound of it. Check out the video of me playing it here

Mike’s new favorite guitar around the store, check this video to give it a listen!

Matt HarmonTungsten Mosaic Mk II 1×12 Amp 
Little tweed style amps are cool, but this Mosaic has modern upgrades like the 12 inch speaker, upgraded transformer, and swap-able tubes that make this amp a cut above the rest. I prefer a 6L6 with a lower output 12ax7 type preamp tube config. Turn it up and play Rockin’ in a Free World, you know you want to.

Matt H. with a challenge to embrace the tweed!

Trey DurkinOme Custom Alpha 12″ Open Back Banjo
Great old time tone, perfect for claw hammer playing. It’s a lightweight banjo, which makes for a comfortable, balanced feel. Plenty of crisp tone, enough to keep up with guitars without being overly bright. The subtle classic aesthetic makes for quite the looker.

Trey’s love for claw hammer has take shape in this classic banjo!

Susan WillitsCalton Silver Sparkle and Blue A/F Style Mandolin Case
The Calton cases are extremely tough, and oh so cool looking. I love the guards around the latches. The moisture seal will be a comfort when you’re soaking wet at the festival, but you know your mandolin will be nice and dry!

Susan picked out a practical, but oh so important part of keeping your instrument in top shape!

Thomas HammFender American Standard Tele 2012 Used – Sunburst
This tele is pretty much everything you need for a treble-heavy, twangy clean tone – which is exactly how I dig my guitar’s sound: like old ’60s surf records. This rocker can do it easily, and plenty more.

So minty mint that it still has the stickers on it!

Matt KappenmanEastman E6OME LTD Guitar
This E6OME is exactly what Eastman delivers time and time again – gorgeous hand made guitars with all the trimings at a really affordable price. Classic OM shape with Herringbone binding, snowflake inlays and that classic Sitka/Mahogany combination. Throw in the Fishman Matrix VT pickup system and you’ll be hard pressed to find a guitar that brings this much for the price. It’s a limited edition special, only 100 were made, so don’t miss out!

Matt’s first pick is a classic, affordable, all solid wood guitar

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