November 2015 MSM News

Mass Street Music November 2015 newsWe’re back with another dose of news here at the store! We’ve got a little bit of everything this month including Jim’s trip out to the Fretboard Summit, wrap ups from our Recording Clinic and Eastman Roadshow, our Staff Picks and most importantly the return of our Holiday Sale! Every purchase of new gear in store or at totaling over $100 will earn you a Gift Card worth 10% of your purchase total. These Gift Cards are good from January 1st through August 31st of next year (2016) and are a great way to maximize your purchasing power! Now’s the best time of the year to pick up that guitar you’ve been lusting over, or even to stock up on strings! 

Holiday Sale at Mass Street Music

Mike and Josh braving the cold to get the sale banner hung!

Being the boss, and an expert in the field, certainly has it’s perks. One of those Boss Jim perks was an invitation to host a talk at the first ever Fretboard Summit, put on by our friends at Fretboard Journal, discussing vintage guitar restoration. Everyone from Bryan Sutton and Bill Frisell, to some of our favorite builders like Dale Fairbanks and Bill Collings were in attendance at the summit. Here are links to two wrap ups from the event by Fretboard Journal and Peghead Nation

Boss Jim at the Fretboard SummitBoss Jim speaking with other luthiers about the state of vintage guitar restoration!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Eastman Roadshow! Always fun to hang out at the store after business hours are over.

Eastman Roadshow at Mass Street Music

Tim Nelson from Eastman Guitars, along with our very own Eric M., demonstrating the various tone wood combinations offered by Eastman.

We had a great time at our Recording Clinic with friend of the store and rep Michael Canning. Keep an eye on the blog for more tips/tricks on improving your recording setup. We’re experimenting with a new microphone setup for our demo videos and can’t wait for you to see/hear the results! As always don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube page to keep up to date on all the latest and great demo videos we’re producing.

Recording Clinic at Mass Street MusicMichael Canning giving a run-through of the fantastic recording gear we have to offer!

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