November 2015 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeTaylor Acoustic Guitars – 612e 12-Fret Grand Concert
I’m a big fan of this body size, especially in a 12 fret model. The Maple guitars that Andy Powers is doing right now are some of the best Taylor’s I’ve ever heard.

Taylor 612e 12 Fret 

Josh picked out a new Taylor that just hit the store this week!

Jim Baggett – Collings OM1AVMartin OM-18 Authentic 1933
Over the past couple of weeks I’ve really enjoyed discovering how responsive both of these guitars are. We’ve had a few 30’s OMs in and these two have migrated upstairs as excellent comparison guitars that really hold their own.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - OM1AV Martin Acoustic Guitars - OM-18 Authentic 1933

Jim’s picked out two of our favorite OMs to play against his vintage collection!  

Eric Mardis – Tom Anderson Electric Guitars – Angel Player – Black
Surprise. I’ve picked another Anderson this month.  What can I say, I’m always excited and very satisfied whenever a new one of these guitars comes in the back door. I ordered this guitar to be very high performance. Super fast neck profile with jumbo frets make this guitar play effortlessly.The Floyd Rose tremolo is the correct choice for this exceptional stunt guitar. The looks are killer. Blackout everything. Reverse headstock. This is a Kirk Hammett worthy guitar with a serious pedigree. No one is doing it better than Tom Anderson Guitars right now.

Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - Angel Player - Black 

Eric M with a killer Anderson this month!

Eric PutnamGibson Electric Guitars – 1963 Les Paul Jr.
This guitar is awesome! Instantly makes you want to Rock! Perfect, simple rock n roll machine!

Gibson Electric Guitars - 1963 Les Paul Jr.  

Check out Eric’s Youtube demo of this vintage Gibson!

Matt Pelsma – Eastman Electric Guitars – AR371CE-SB Archtop
A simple and straight forward ES-175 style guitar with one neck pickup at a fraction of the cost, but with all the same enjoyable play-ability and longevity.  It has all the jazz sounding snappy acoustic brightness you could want, plus the simple warmth from the neck pickup plugged in. If I was back in music school studying jazz, I would have had an Eastman in my hands for sure.

 Eastman Electric Guitars - AR371CE-SB Archtop

Matt’s made his Demo Video debut this month – check him out on this AR371CE-SB!

Mike Horan –  The Mass Street Collection of Waterloo Guitars
I really enjoyed getting a chance to play 3 Waterloos back-to-back.  The x-braced models have a bit more projection and sustain, while the ladder-braced one respond more quickly to a light touch.  All three have primitive mojo to burn, in both tone and appearance.

 Waterloo by Collings - WL-14 L T-Bar - Black Waterloo by Collings - WL-14 X TR - Black

Waterloo by Collings - WL-14 X T-Bar - Sunburst

Check out our demo video on the ladder-braced Waterloo! 

Matt Harmon – Dr. Z Amps – 1×10″ Cabinet – Salt and Pepper
Your back will thank you having a smaller cab to take around instead of your 2×12, especially when you have limited trunk space. 

 Dr. Z Amps - 1x10" Cabinet - Salt and Pepper

All that Dr. Z tone in a smaller package! 

Trey DurkinOme Banjos – North Star 11″ Open-Back
This OME North Star 11″ sounds and looks amazing. More depth and warmth than your average 11″ open-back with a nice brightness and clarity throughout due to the vintage brass tone ring. It is already spiked at 7 & 9, so you can easily adjust to any jam. OME does it again!

Ome Banjos - North Star 11" Open-Back

Trey’s hooked on open-back banjos recently, check out our collection! 

Susan Willits – Martin – 1930s Soprano Uke
This 1930s Martin mahogany ukulele has a rich warm tone and is a delight to play, plus it’s in wonderful condition. What a fun little instrument and a great opportunity to own a piece of musical history!

Martin Ukuleles - 1930s Soprano Uke
Susan’s pick is a little piece of Martin history!

Thomas HammMartin 1967 00-28C
This is about everything I love in a guitar: small-bodied, wide-necked, and nylon-stringed. Though classical guitars may be unconventional to use as a strummer, I’m a big fan of this one for just that.

Martin 1967 00-28C

Thomas’s pick is proof that Nylon guitars are not just for classical playing!
Matt KappenmanEastman Electric Guitars – T386RD Thinline – Trans Red
This is the sort no-frills-high-quality guitar that makes me love Eastman. Laminate Maple body with a center block that is super fun to play on the couch, but really shines when plugged into one of our tube amps. 

 Eastman Electric Guitars - T386RD Thinline - Trans Red

Normally an acoustic guy, this semi-hollow body has been calling Matt! 

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