March 2016 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeFender Amps – Bassbreaker 15 Combo
Fender isn’t known for EL84 amps, but this little amp is impressive. It’s easy to dial in everything from twangy cleans to sustaining saturated overdrive. It works perfect as a practice amp around the house, as a small gig amp, or use the XLR out to the front of house for larger situations.  

Fender Amps - Bassbreaker 15 Combo

Josh with a killer new amp from Fender!

Jim Baggett – Collings CJ East Indian Rosewood – Western ShadedClassic jumbo body shape with all of Collings’ attention to detail. A really gorgeous Rosewood guitar.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - CJ East Indian Rosewood - Western Shaded

Our Collings inventory is always changing – check out our Collings Collection 

Eric Mardis – Gibson Banjos – 1994 Mastertone Custom Shop Resonator BanjoThis is a great sounding banjo that reignites my desire to own a Gibson. They are well loved in the 5 string world for a reason.  My banjo lust is complicated by the choices currently available here at the store… the 1960 “bow tie” conversion and 1932 TB-1 conversion make for a difficult decision!

Gibson Banjos - 1994 Mastertone Custom Shop Resonator Banjo

Check out our demo for this Custom Shop Gibson!

Eric PutnamTom Anderson Guitars – Icon Classic – Fiesta Red
Great guitar! The neck is perfect, nice tall frets, and It is the only stock strat bridge pickup I’ve ever liked! The bridge pup is nice and full yet it still sounds like a strat, and they are noiseless too!

Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - Icon Classic - Fiesta Red

Check out our demo video of this stunning electric from Anderson!

Matt Pelsma – Squier – Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom – Sunburst
It can’t be my new Western Swing fascination, because this guitar has caught my eye more than once. Classic look and a great playing guitar that would start a beginner off with leg up in style, or a great second guitar for any player. Rippin’ fast comfy player!

Squier - Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom - Sunburst

Matt P’s branching out, and this Squier might be the next step!

Mike Horan –  Eastman Mandolins – MD304
Finally, someone is making an affordable new oval-hole mandolin worth playing.  Get that that great old-time tone for less – with good fret work to boot!

Eastman Mandolins - MD304

Check our wide lineup of Eastman Mandolins! 

Matt Harmon – Stomp Under Foot – Pumpkin Pi Fuzz
Without a doubt this brings me back a few years. Once I found out we got this I’ve been making the shop guys listen to Smashing Pumpkin records everyday for the last week.  

Stomp Under Foot - Pumpkin Pi Fuzz

Check out all our new pedals from Stomp Under Foot! 

Trey DurkinBart Reiter Banjos – Round Peak
This is probably my favorite Banjo ever. Great overall tone and feel. Rolled brass tone-ring, 12″ Rim combined with a No-Knot tailpiece adds up to a great old-time tone. Classic stylings! Great candidate for a skin head as well.

Bart Reiter Banjos - Round Peak

If there is a “Perfect Banjo” for Trey – this Round Peak might be it!  Susan Willits – Collings Acoustic Guitars – 02H 12-String
This Collings 12 string is a wonderful sounding small body guitar.  Another beautiful instrument from Collings!  It’s nice to have a 12 string that’s not huge, but still has a big sound!

Collings Acoustic Guitars - 02H 12-String

Susan with a stunning pick from Collings Matt KappenmanTaylor Guitars – 2015 614ce Grand Auditorium I grew up playing a friends Maple backed Taylor for years and I was really surprised by the clarity, projection and tone of this guitar. This 614 is hands down my favorite of the re-voiced Taylor models.

Taylor Acoustic Guitars - 2015 614ce Grand Auditorium

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