March 2017 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeFender – 2017 American Professional Telecaster – Butterscotch Blonde
Super cool that Fender is building an American made Blackguard Butterscotch Tele as a standard model again. Previously it was only offered as a vintage model. The wood grain on the particular guitar we have in is fantastic.

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Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars – OM1A Cutaway
Extremely versatile guitar, great for finger style players but plenty of headroom for flatpicking thanks to the Adirondack top.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - OM1A Cutaway

Our Collings inventory is always changing – head on over to view the latest in our Collings Collection! 

Eric PutnamTom Anderson Electric Guitars – T Classic Shorty Hollow – Blonde
My favorite guitar in the shop at the moment. Its one of those great guitars that makes you go to different musical places. Great player!

Fender Electric Guitars - 2017 American Professional Telecaster - Butterscotch Blonde

Here are the latest Boutique Electrics to hit the website!

Matt Pelsma – Martin Acoustic Guitars – 1963 00-21 Used
This guitar is billed as a great finger style playing instrument, but I think this thing really sings with a pick. This guitar carries a strong vintage tone that could rival a guitar twice it’s age.

Martin 1963 00-21

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Jade Rowland – Eastman Acoustic Guitars – E20SS
This solid rosewood slope shoulder dreadnought is lovely to play, It sounds loud and full when strummed and every note played finger style has some weight behind it. Its specs and sound far exceed what the price would suggest.

Eastman E20SS

Check out our expanding Eastman lineup

Mike Horan – Gibson Acoustic Guitars -1954 J-45 Used
Someone please buy this guitar before one of us has too….it’s just that tempting

Gibson Acoustic Guitars -1954 J-45 Used

Some vintage guitars come into the store and quickly become staff favorites – this J-45 is definitely one of them!

Matt Harmon – Lindy Fralin Guitar Pickups – Tele Stock Bridge
When you bring your tele in the shop for new pickups, this is what I recommend. This Fralin is really hard to beat, coming in at under $100 there isn’t anything that comes close to the sound.

Fralin Pickups 

One of the many great pickups here at the shop!

Trey DurkinCollings Acoustic Guitars – 2015 CJ-35 A Used
Perfectly balanced strummer, with a great voice for picking melodies as well. This CJ-35 is amazingly responsive and satisfying to play for a recently build Adi topped guitar. The short scale length makes it a dream to play.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - 2015 CJ-35 A Used

One of best deals on used guitar in the shop right now!

Susan Willits – Bart Reiter Banjos – Round Peak
I love the sound of this Bart Reiter Round Peak. It has a wonderfully warm, round, plunky tone. Bart has a great reputation for making quality banjos and it’s easy to see why when you play this Round Peak.

Bart Reiter Banjos - Round Peak

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Matt KappenmanWaterloo by Collings – WL-12
While prepping for our upcoming vintage guitar on a budget event I dove back into our stock of Waterloos. After play testing them ALL I keep coming back to the WL-12 with it’s full low end and loads of projection.

Waterloo by Collings - WL-12

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