January 2018 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeGretsch Electric Guitars – G5420TG Electromatic – Candy Apple Red
I’m a sucker for Candy Apple Red guitars, especially with this classic Gretsch headstock. These Black Top Filter’Tron pickups do that clean, low output Gretsch sound so well.

Gretsch Electric Guitars - G5420TG Electromatic - Candy Apple Red

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Jim Baggett – Martin Acoustic Guitars – 1953 D-28
Great “mystery top” D-28 that’s in superb condition.

Martin Acoustic Guitars - 1953 D-28

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Eric PutnamBlack Cat – Stereo Black Cat Vibe
Running the Black Cat Vibe in stereo is an awesome sound! Univibe in mono is already a great sound, but when you run it in stereo you get all of the watery goodness of a vibe, but with the extra width, and you can really hear the pulse of the vibe between the two amps!

Black Cat - Stereo Black Cat Vibe

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Matt Pelsma – EarthQuaker Devices – Hoof Reaper Fuzz V2
Sometimes super-stacking fuzz pedals get a bad rap for being too-over-the-top in out of control tone and wild sounds. That’s not the case with the Reaper Hoof. Very usable at any setting, this pedal will save you space with combining two pedals, plus a choice octave effect. Rich and punchy or thin and loose, add a sonic boost to your tone in a ton of ways.

EarthQuaker Devices - Hoof Reaper Fuzz V2

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Brian Soden – Greer Amps – Lightspeed Organic Overdrive
If there is an overdrive pedal worthy enough to have the word “organic” in it’s title, this is definitely it! It truly feels and sounds like a cranked-up amp under your fingers. Full and rich. I like!

Greer Amps - Lightspeed Organic Overdrive

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Mike Horan – Waterloo by Collings – WL-K
What a hog! Whether finger-picking or kicking out some old-time bass runs, this thing moves some serious air. You can feel it shake under your arm!

Waterloo by Collings - WL-K

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Matt Harmon – Fishman Amps – Loudbox Mini Charge
Fishman are my go to amps when it comes to demoing acoustic guitar pickups and this new charge is my favorite of the bunch. It features a 12 hour battery and bluetooth connectivity, great for all the buskers in downtown.

Fishman Amps - Loudbox Mini Charge

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Trey DurkinLeo Posch Banjos – Dobson Style Banjo
What a sweet little banjo. The short 24 1/2″ scale lends to a very touch sensitive banjo, it also handles tuning up to A or D very well because of this. Melody notes up the neck ring like a bell. And what a cool old rim, too!

Leo Posch Banjos - Dobson Style Banjo

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Susan Willits – Lakota Leathers Guitar/Banjo/Mandolin Straps
We have a great assortment of guitar, banjo, mandolin & ukulele straps, including many fun colors and patterns from Original Fuzz! We also carry the wonderful Lakota Leathers straps, hand made on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The Lakota Leather straps are extremely strong, soft & beautiful! I love their flat braid mandolin straps!!

Lakota Leathers Guitar/Banjo/Mandolin Straps

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Matt KappenmanGibson Acoustic Guitars – 1952 SJ Sunburst
This SJ is everything I love about a vintage Gibson. It’s a very focused sound, but with the power to really open up as you dig in. The smaller, understated pickguard and gorgeous sunburst round out a really stunning vintage guitar.Gibson Acoustic Guitars - 1952 SJ Sunburst

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