February 2018 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeTom Anderson Electric Guitars – T Icon Classic – Transparent Brown
We did something we don’t often do with the pickups on this one with a tv2 and tv1 being the most vintage of pickups, with the VA boost delivering a little more meat when you need it. With the standard setting it’s so clear you can get back to that late ’60s british tone. Eric and I were handing it back and forth the other day and the two of us fell head over heels in love with this guitar. I’ve got a feeling this is going to be one of my favorite Anderson’s of all time, you could search all across the universe and never find a better guitar. Dig it.

Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - T Icon Classic - Transparent Brown

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Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars – D1 Traditional T Series
This D1 Traditional is an awfully nice guitar, sounds great, plays great and is very comfortable.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - D1 Traditional T Series

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Eric PutnamCollings Electric Guitars – I-30 LC – Aged Faded Cherry
The I-30 is my new favorite Colllings electric guitar. It is one of those guitars that can do about any thing I want it to. It has enough output, and twang to pull off rock, blues and country licks, but would also be at home at a Jazz gig. The bridge pickup is aggressive without being too thin or bright. The neck pickup is clear but has a nice roundness to it. It is also one of the lightest and most comfortable guitars to come through the shop.

Collings Electric Guitars - I-30 LC - Aged Faded Cherry

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Matt Pelsma – Eastman Acoustic Guitars – E6OM
The Eastman E6OM is a comfortable player with a clear and balanced tone. It’s hard to get a bad tone out of a hand-made instrument that has been put together so well. The guitar I am currently holding has a gorgeous piece of Mahogany on the neck under a satin finish. Not a buzz on the fretboard, the tone is anything from bright to buttery smooth.

Eastman Acoustic Guitars - E6OM

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Brian Soden – Eastman Mandolins – MD615 SB
Eastman makes such a fantastic mandolin and this model happens to be my favorite. The maple back and sides give it a nice chop, plus its gig-ready with a pickup installed right out of the gate. I’m planning on picking one of these up soon, myself!

Eastman Mandolins - MD615 SB

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Mike Horan – AER Amps – Compact 60/3
I’ve been using this amp live for the last couple years with a Gypsy Jazz combo, micing up my guitar with a lavalier-style condenser. I am continually impressed by its clarity and trueness of tone. Great amp!

AER Amps - Compact 60/3

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Trey DurkinFender – Rumble 200
A great amp for any level player, from a performing professional to a bedroom thumper. Super portable, lightweight enough to bring to any gig, even if you had to hike through the slush and snow to get there. Just a solid all around bass amp with a lot of eq-ing possibilities. 200 watts for me is enough for most playing situations, except maybe the loudest drummers. I like this model with the 1×15″ speaker on it’s own, but combined with a 2×10 or 4×10 cab it competes with higher end stacks no problem.

Fender - Rumble 200

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Susan Willits – Collings Mandolins – MF GT Sunburst
We have another wonderful mandolin from Collings! Beautiful, clear notes from high to low on this Collings MF mandolin. Superb build quality, as with all Collings instruments. It’s a winner!

Collings Mandolins - MF GT Sunburst

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Matt KappenmanFender Electric Guitars – American Original 50’s Stratocaster – White Blonde
When Fender announced the new American Originals line I couldn’t help but get excited. After seeing them at the NAMM show and now in the shop, I feel justified in my excitement. I’m a sucker for anything vintage-inspired, especially so with a nitro finish. Nice chunky neck with some classic Strat tones.

Fender Electric Guitars - American Original 50's Stratocaster - White Blonde

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