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Podcast – Episode 5 – Trey visits Bart Reiter Banjos

Trey and the man himself, Bart Reiter

We’re back with another episode of the Mass Resonator Podcast. Join Matt, Josh and Mass Street luthier Trey Durkin as we discuss all things Bart Reiter banjos, along with Trey’s trip earlier this year to visit Bart’s shop. Bart has been building high-quality instruments for years as a one-man-band, covering all aspects of construction, assembly and finishing. Recently he’s decided to retire from building and we’re lucky to have just a few of his banjos left in stock.

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*This episode recorded back in March before the Kansas stay-at-home order. We’re just now catching up around the shop and getting a chance to post this.

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Photos of Bart’s Shop

Check out Bart’s Jig for drilling holes into the pots for hook installation
The custom fret slot table saw that blew us all away
Bart’s Jig for drilling the hole to accept the dowel
Shaping Necks
A bunch of completed necks
Banjo pots with finish applied

Trey’s Customized Banjo

Check out some photos of Trey’s customized Bart Reiter Round Peak. Send us an email at to have Trey install some of these upgrades on your banjo!

Bart Reiter Round Peak with upgrades
Bart Reiter Round Peak with Skin Head installed
Bart Reiter Round Peak with Customized Upgrades.

Thanks again to Bart Reiter being such a great friend of the store, a fantastic builder and for hosting Trey on this trip.

6 thoughts on “Podcast – Episode 5 – Trey visits Bart Reiter Banjos

  1. What a great blog! I’m a banjo builder myself at, and I hope to get my banjos into a couple dealers someday. Couple questions:

    1) how does Bart prevent tear out on the pot hole drilling jig. I clamp wood on the back of each hole before drilling.

    2) does he use a router or a spindle sander to cut his heel shape? Hard to tell.

    3) the neck shaping router jig. Is that a router bit or some kind of sanding bit for a router. Hard to see.

    This is just awesome.

  2. That’s a really insightful blog Trey, and some fascinating photos of the equipment Bart uses. Thanks very much.
    I’ve always hammered after one of his banjos and finally took the plunge a month ago. Reiters are very rare here in the UK, so I imported a used Round Peak from Florida. Needless to say, I’m delighted with it and think I made the move at the right time.

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