BlueChip Picks – Virtual Walnut Valley Festival Booth

BlueChip Picks at Mass Street Music

In a non-pandemic world the Walnut Valley Festival would have been kicking off this week. We thought it would be fun to showcase some of our favorite builders who we love catching up with at the festival every year…⁠

Matthew Goins, and everyone over at BlueChip Picks, are always a treat to see at the Walnut Valley Festival. Our booths are in the same building, so every morning when we’re all dragging a bit from the long festival days we share a good morning with the BlueChip crew along with a sly smile that says ‘here we go again.’ Matthew and co. make some of the most durable, and great sounding, flatpicks around and it’s the go to pick for a lot of Mass Street staffers. These picks last for years and years, even with daily use, and continue hold up.⁠

Check out our current inventory of BlueChip picks for local pickup here in the store. If you’d like to have one shipped we encourage you to reach out to the folks there directly, they are great to work with! 

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