Elliott Capos – Virtual Walnut Valley Festival Booth

Elliott Capos at Mass Street Music

In a non-pandemic world the Walnut Valley Festival would have been kicking off later this week and while it is alway a ton of work, it’s one of the highlights of our year. We thought it would be fun to showcase some of our favorite builders who we love catching up with at the festival every year. ⁠

The folks at Elliott Capos make some of the most gorgeous, yet functional, additions you can make to your guitar rig. Hand-crafted for 45 years these capos are a work of art, and function, as well as sound, great. These move fast via our website so we’re down to this one push button capo left, but we have another order coming in soon, so get in touch if you want in on the next batch! We’ll hopefully swap stories with Scott and Melisa next year!

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