June 2021 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Kyle RalstonKing Tone – Vibe 1968
The King Tone 1968 – A one of a kind vibe pedal with TWO independent channels, EACH with vibrato/chorus, rate, depth, and speed! One feature I found unique and was noticeable when turned it on was an increase in volume. Most vibe pedals I have used usually have a drop in volume. As it turns out, The 1968 Vibe has incorporated an internal volume control that lets you set the desired output volume from unity to boosted thus really accentuating the enhancements King Tone put into this vibe pedal.

Another very cool feature is that the pedal actually leads the channels into a smooth transition from one to the other. Bulb, bias, transition speed, overall depth, high and low speed can also be adjusted giving this little vibe pedal endless tonal possibilities. It does an immaculate job on nailing David Gilmour and Jimi Hendrix tones to the Stones “Let it Loose” vibe from Exile on Main Street. You have to hear it to believe it. 100% Analog circuitry and runs on an 18v power supply.

King Tone - Vibe 1968

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Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars – D2H T S Traditional T Series
Vintage appointments with a great sounding low-end.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - D2H T S Traditional T Series

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Matt Pelsma – Tom Anderson Electric Guitars – Cobra T Special – Tobacco Fade
One of the best playing and sounding electrics I’ve had my hands on.

Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - Cobra T Special - Tobacco Fade

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Brian Soden – Benson Amps – Preamp Pedal – MSM Exclusive Green
The Benson Preamp has long been a shop favorite and now we have it in official Mass Street Music green! It comes with a printed sheet of suggested settings including one titled “Led Zep”. I highly recommend giving that one a spin! It has a nice midrange punch and sweetens up any amp. I also enjoy running this pedal as a clean-ish boost with added chime for big Americana / Roots Rock open chords. Swing by the shop or give me a call!

Benson Amps - Preamp Pedal - MSM Exclusive Green

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Mike Horan – Collings Acoustic Guitars – OM1 A Traditional T Series – Sinker Mahogany
It’s rare that I play a brand new guitar that has this much power and dynamic range. Especially with the Adirondack top, you expect a new guitar to be a bit “stiff” and in need of some breaking-in. Not this one. This guitar is already firing on all cylinders and you can literally feel the whole thing moving when you play it. One of the best sounding OMs I’ve ever played.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - OM1 A Traditional T Series - Sinker Mahogany

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Trey Durkin – Yamaha Bass – TRBX304 – Mist Green
This Bass is so cool! The neck is comfortable, with a nice low action, and the finish is great. It’s a little thing, but the pickup covers are scooped out for the thumb, and this makes it really comfy for the right hand too. There are a huge amount of tones available between the two pickups and the active electronics; the 5 way tone selector is a unique, useful, and really cool feature of this bass. I am digging it!

Yamaha Bass - TRBX304 - Mist Green

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Susan Willits – String Swing Wall Mounts
The String Swing wall mount ukulele/mandolin hangers are a great way to keep your instruments within easy reach so you can grab them quickly, and also keep them off the floor, so they’re less likely to be stepped on! Attractive and sturdy, they’re also available for acoustic and electric guitar, and banjo. A worthy investment!

String Swing Wall Mounts

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Matt KappenmanGretsch Electric Guitars – G2622T-P90 Streamliner Center Block DC – Forge Glow
P90s, Centerblock semi-hollow and a bigsby? Sign me up. And the best part is the price, clocking in at only $599! We have a trio of these in stock in different finish options and tailpieces, so come on down and check ’em out.

Gretsch Electric Guitars - G2622T-P90 Streamliner Center Block DC - Forge Glow

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