Sinker Mahogany – Collings OM1 A T – Demo

This Collings OM1 A T, here with an upgraded Sinker Mahogany back and sides, is a bold and focused guitar that delivers the warm tone and rounded high-end that we love about the Traditional Series. Occasionally an OM shows up here in the shop that can hang, and in some ways compete with a dreadnought when it comes to overall volume, and this Orchestra Model certainly delivers on that front. The Adi top combined with the Sinker Mahogany back and sides delivers a low-end that reverberates against your chest while playing the guitar, along with a responsive top that only gets better as the guitar warms up.

Read more for full details and specs on this Collings Guitars and Mandolins – OM1 A T – Sinker Mahogany.

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