AmpRx - BrownBox - Input Voltage Attenuator

Tube Amp Voltage Attenuator from AmpRX

A great addition to any rig, the BrownBox from AmpRX, delivers consistent voltage levels for your tube amp which can reveal the optimal harmonic response out of the amp. Vintage, and vintage-inspired circuits, were designed with voltages closer to 110v, while modern power can run at voltage levels up to 129v! The BrownBox is a great way to lower the voltage in the studio, at home or at a gig.⁠

An added benefit is increased power tube life when running at lower voltages, which is great considering tube prices these days! We’ve already sold a handful to local customers, and MSM staffers are using them with their own rigs, head over to the website to check out this well built piece of gear.

Link: AmpRx – BrownBox – Input Voltage Attenuator

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