Mass Street Music Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for making lists for friends and family, or taking a moment to treat yourself with that shiny new gift card! Check out our latest 2023 Holiday Gift Guide.


D’Addario – NS – Micro Tuner
The NS Micro line of tuners delivers a variety of mounting options for this small, but mighty tuner. We have soundhole, headstock, uke and banjo options available for this D’Addario made chameleon of a tuner.

Peterson Strobe Tuners – StroboStomp Mini
The Peterson StroboStomp Mini tuner is a top-jack, pedalboard friendly version of the popular HD version that takes up less space on your pedalboard while bringing the same accuracy and sweetended tunnings. A great upgrade!

Peterson Strobe Tuners – StroboClip HD
The StroboClip HD delivers the same high-quality, sweetened tuning settings StroboStomp in a small headstock package.


Kyser – 6-String Capo – Black
The Kyser capo has become a classic in the guitar world for it’s ease of use and quick change ability. We have bunch of colors in stock as well!

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Taylor Capo – 6-String – Black Nickel
Taylor brought the same attention to detail that we love about their guitars to the accessory world when they first came out with this line of capos. With the addition of bumpers on each side of the yoke you can insure this capo is not going to damage that gorgeous Taylor finish. Works great with loads of other guitars as well!

Elliott Capos – 1 3/4″ Elite Push Button Guitar Capo – 16″ Radius – G34E
Elliott capos are a shop favorite, and for good reason! These handmade beauties are functional, gorgeous and incredibly well made. The perfect accessory to go with that favorite guitar.


Primetone Picks
Dunlop surprised us a few years back with these lower cost alternative to the BlueChips and Wegan picks of the world. Made from the ultra durable ultex material these Primetones are a staff favorite, and won’t break your wallet if you lose it at a jam.

Wegen BG120B Bluegrass Pick 1.20mm Black 4-Pack
Made in the Netherlands, Wegen picks have become a favorite for all sorts of players. From bluegrass focused flatpicks to special Gypsy Jazz and Mandolin options, these have become one of our most popular picks to ship all over the country!

BlueChip Picks – TD 35 – MSM Logo
Long a favorite of contest flatpickers, these high quality BlueChip picks are now making their way across genres including Jazz and even metal players! A little on the pricey side, these picks are extremely durable and hold up to years of playing. A few MSM staffers have at least one for use with their favorite ax.

Amp Accessories

AmpRx – BrownBox – Input Voltage Attenuator
Whether it’s a vintage classic or the latest modern build, if you own a tube amp consider adding the BrownBox to your rig! Modern power typically runs at higher voltages than when the classic tube amp circuits were originally designed, and the BrownBox delivers a great way to lower the voltage in the studio, at home or at a gig.

Mass Street Gear

MSM Retro Shirt
This wouldn’t be a Holiday Gift Guide without some Mass Street swag! Check out our retro t-shirt, combining elements of the classic Mass Street logo with our modern branding.

MSM Pint Glasses
For the Mass Street customer who has everything. Now you can enjoy your favorite beverage while showing your MSM pride!

MSM Retro Mugs
We take coffee very seriously, so much so that these mugs are a favorite around the shop for us as well!

Mass Street Music – Block Logo – T-Shirt – The block logo shirt is for the times when you want to wear a guitar shirt, without a guitar on it.

Mass Street Music – Block Logo Sweatshirt – Ditto on the sweatshirt, but wow is it comfy and warm!

Mass Street Music – Circle Logo – Hoodie – If it’s winter you’ll see most of the staff repping the circle logo hoodie on any given day. It’s comfy and totally holds up!

Mass Street Music Exclusives

A Holiday Gift Guide wouldn’t be complete with out a batch of MSM Exclusive gear. Scroll down to check out a few pedals and amps that are only available through Mass Street Music.

Mythos Pedals – Mjolnir Germanium Overdrive – Mass Street Music Edition

Mythos Pedals – Au79 Golden Fleece Fuzz – Mass Street Music Edition

Mythos Pedals – 1347 Silicon Fuzz – Mass Street Music Edition

Hudson Electronics – Broadcast Dual FW – Custom MSM Green

Greer Amps – Lightspeed Organic Overdrive – MSM Exclusive Gold

Pittman Amps – Kansas City Series – Paseo 5F2-A 1×10″ Combo

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