June 2019 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeCollings Mandolins – MT2 – Burst
Collings makes such beautiful mandolins. It is easy to fall for them solely based on looks, but playing this MT2 is so enjoyable that the only reason I have to stop is to give my cheeks a break from smiling.

Collings Mandolins - MT2 - Burst

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Jim Baggett – Collings Guitars – 2003 OM42 Baaa A V Sunburst – Used
Beautiful set of Brazilian rosewood paired with an Adirondack top and 42-style appointments.

Collings Guitars - 2003 OM42 Baaa A V Sunburst - Used

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Eric PutnamDon Grosh Guitars – 2009 Reserve PlexiT Hollow – Used
This Grosh has a really sweet mid range, and is incredibly fun to play. Hard to put this one down!

Don Grosh Guitars - 2009 Reserve PlexiT Hollow - Used

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Matt Pelsma – Milkman Sound – The Amp
Versatile, pedalboard friendly amp head with an XLR out and cab simulator makes this a fantastic piece of gear for any gigging musician tired of lugging amp heads around. Also works great for personal practice with the included headphone jack.

Milkman Sound

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Brian Soden – Squier – Classic Vibe 50’s Strat – Sherwood Green Metallic w/Matching Headstock
These Classic Vibe guitars are total sleepers. If you’re past the “entry level” stage in your playing, it’s easy to think of a Squier as something you wouldn’t consider. Let me tell you something – these are awesome guitars! The fretwork is smooth and highly polished, the neck shape is excellent and they’ve all been lightweight. This guitar, in particular, is killer with the matching headstock and vintage tint to the neck. I really dig it!

Squier - Classic Vibe 50's Strat - Sherwood Green Metallic w/Matching Headstock

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Mike Horan – Martin Acoustic Guitars – HD-28 Ambertone
It is hard to beat this guitar in this price range. Huge voice with plenty of rosewood punch and an attractive sunburst to boot!

Martin Acoustic Guitars - HD-28 Ambertone

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Matt Harmon – Eastman Electric Guitars – SB56/N-GD P90 Gold Top
Very impressed with this one, feels good and sounds great unplugged. Is it too early to recommend picking one up because apparently “Gibson’s looking out”? #PRnightmare

Eastman Electric Guitars - SB56/N-GD P90 Gold Top

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Trey DurkinOME Banjos – 12″ Minstrel Open Back
Our friends at OME have created another winner with this one. It is a huge sounding open back. Very deep and plunky but with enough of a bright edge to easily cut through the mix. It’s an absolute monster for Clawhammer but could easily be setup for any style. I also appreciate a few of the design features paying homage to the earliest banjos like the large rim with relatively few hooks, no tone ring, and scroll headstock.

OME Banjos - 12 Minstrel Open Back

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Matt KappenmanWaterloo by Collings – WL-AT SB
I’ve been looking forward to getting this Archtop from the Waterloo crew into the shop since January when we first played the prototypes. Dry, focused and articulate, with loads of natural reverb. Great for lead picking or blues box style playing.

Waterloo by Collings - WL-AT SB

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