July 2019 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeGibson Electric Guitars – 1955 Les Paul Junior
Every now and then a guitar comes into the shop that is a glimpse into the past. This 1955 Gibson Les Paul Special is one of those guitars. It was well preserved and is incredible in both feel and tone. Examples of this caliber are tough to come by, and I feel fortunate to have one at the store right now.

Gibson Electric Guitars - 1955 Les Paul Junior

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Jim Baggett – Martin Acoustic Guitars – 1929 000-28
A rare 20s model often thought of as one of the very finest fingerstyle guitars.

Martin Acoustic Guitars - 1929 000-28

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Eric PutnamChase Bliss Audio – MOOD Granular Micro-Looper / Delay
Super fun, and a little weird. Great way to add spontaneity to your board.

Chase Bliss Audio - MOOD Granular Micro-Looper / Delay

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Brian Soden – Dr. Z Amps – MAZ 18 Jr. Reverb Mk.II Head Black
This Dr. Z MAZ 18 never ceases to amaze me. We’ve been stocking it for close to 20 years, and for good reason! It provides the perfect blend of vintage American tube tone and British flavor. It’s an excellent pedal platform amp, but performs equally well cranked up using the master volume to tame output volume to taste. It’s one of my favorite amps in the store!

Dr. Z Amps - MAZ 18 Jr. Reverb Mk.II Head Black

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Mike Horan – Bourgeois Acoustic Guitars – Championship Dreadnought
This guitar delivers the bluegrass goods—-articulate and powerful, notes leap out of it even with moderate pick attack. The excellent craftsmanship is merely the icing on the cake on this one!

Bourgeois Acoustic Guitars - Championship Dreadnought

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Matt Harmon – Fender Basses – American Professional Precision Bass – Antique Olive
Can’t beat a P-Bass, love the color combo on this one and the notes ring for days.

Fender Basses - American Professional Precision Bass - Antique Olive

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Trey DurkinNechville Banjos – 2018 Aries Resonator Used
In the world of resonator banjos, there is a pattern or mold that 99% of banjos follow, because a few of the most famous players back in the day used said banjos. Not that there is anything wrong with this classic design, but the banjo as a whole has more to offer than just one basic design. Doing away with all the hooks, nuts, flanges, and coordinator rods, Tom Nechville has proven that you can get a classic Bluegrass sound on a instrument that has several radically different design aspects than the average banjo, or it could be easily set up for something completely different if you choose. Dialing in setup is a breeze on this banjo. One of the best features on this instrument is an adjustable angle neck joint, eliminating the need to ever have the neck reset on this banjo. It will always be a simple matter to get the banjo playing perfect again if the angle ever changes. The radiused fingerboard with jumbo frets makes for one of the best players to come through the shop in quite some time. I can’t get over how satisfying this banjo is to play! Come check it out!

Nechville Banjos - 2018 Aries Resonator Used

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Susan Willits – Collings Mandolins – MT2 – Burst
We have another beautiful Collings mandolin in the store. This Collings MT2 is a beauty, with tone to match. It’s no surprise that it plays effortlessly, sounds great, and is built with first rate craftsmanship. It’s what we all expect and appreciate from Collings! Another winner!

Collings Mandolins - MT2 - Burst

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Matt KappenmanFender Electric Guitars – Vintera 60’s Telecaster Modified – Lake Placid
Vintage looks with the addition of some modern electronics make this new Vintera 60s tele one of my favorites in the shop. The modern neck profile and fingerboard radius (9.5) deliver on all the comforts we’re all used to, but the guitar looks classic which is a big plus for me.

Fender Electric Guitars - Vintera 60's Telecaster Modified - Lake Placid

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